When The DM Closes A Secret Door, He Opens A Pit Trap

Well, it’s finally happened. I’ve known for awhile that a few of my friends in our gaming group would be leaving at some point in the near(ish) future. That time has come. I haven’t quite worked out what’s going to happen between now and then, but there’s a fair chance I’m going to have to wrap up our campaign in two days’ time. I’ve planned for this. I’ve tried to steel myself for this. And yet, all I can think of is the last words of the tenth Doctor: “I don’t want to go!”. Forget about the words. I know I’m not the one leaving. Shut up.

Review: Wii U

I bought a Wii U yesterday. I didn’t really mean to, it just sort of happened.

Interview: Tracy Barnett, Designer of School Daze and One Shot

Tracy Barnett is a good friend of ours that has waged a one-man war on his own spare time. With his second KickStarter game, One Shot, ending in just over two days I offered to chat with him a bit about his projects and his thoughts on designing open to the public as he has made a habit of doing. You can also read more of Tracy’s thoughts on that subject in posts he wrote for us earlier this year, Game Design and Openness and Designing in Public.

Zen and the Art of Dungeon Mastering #6: Smash that Bottleneck

In which Chatty tackles a subject near and dear to his cold black DM heart: avoiding adventure bottlenecks. This multi-parter series starts with the basics: Skill-related bottlenecks.

Zen and the Art of Dungeon Mastering #5: Make it Mean Something!

In which Chatty DM reveals that he’s an impatient player and really really likes to find that each scene he runs or plays in actually meant something in the grand scheme of Adventuring. And no, XPs don’t quite cut it.

Review: “Michtim: Fluffy Adventures”

“Story games” are some of the more wonderful places to look for unorthodox ideas. Because of the narrative-focused framework, it becomes easy to get everyone playing anything – you don’t have to focus on the accurate logistics of being a magical German hamster-like creature (that isn’t a hamster, don’t call it that!). All you’re required […]

The Island Of Dr. Flail

It’s October, and I’m in the mood for some scary stuff. Problem: I’ve never really played in a good horror game and I’m about as scary as a box of Franken-Berry cereal. Time to get my vampire hat on. Come up to the lab, and see what’s on the slab.

Nantes as Inspiration for RPGs: Dark Secrets and Bright Machines

In which Chatty tackles two gaming inspirations that the city of Nantes gave him. Expect dark secrets and strange machinations!

Epic Changes: Converting from “Pathfinder” to “Marvel Heroic Roleplaying”

As our Pathfinder game progressed through 18 months, 75+ adventures, and nearly 20 levels of play it was increasingly apparent that we had captured lightning in a bottle. Despite the pressures of adulthood, careers, significant others and children in some ways our play group of nearly two decades had just started to hit its stride. Thanks to our DM, the world was teeming with possibility, fantastically developed, and linked together with a metaplot that we had been organically and naturally unraveling since day one. Meanwhile, each player had reached a synthesis of Pathfinder-style combat potency and crafting believable personalities for well-rounded three dimensional play. There was only one problem: Pathfinder itself.

Paris as Inspiration for RPGs: Its All in the Culture

In which Chatty explores Parisian culture, it’s people, its architecture and even tries to explain why service is so bad in Paris. Added bonus, a juicy Adventure/Campaign hook based on one very disturbing picture.