Character Race Reference

Here is a listing of all the races known in 4e, starting with official sources. Each race is marked with its primary traits, for use in choosing a class/race combo with good synergies. Any speculative/unpublished entries are marked with a *.

As always, feel free to submit additions/corrections to us.


Player’s Handbook

  • Dragonborn (Strong and Charismatic)
  • Dwarf (Tough and Wise)
  • Eladrin (Dexterous and Intelligent)
  • Elf (Dexterous and Wise)
  • Half-Elf (Tough and Charismatic)
  • Halfling (Dexterous and Charismatic)
  • Human (Adaptable)
  • Tiefling (Charismatic and Intelligent)

Monster Manual
(note: these Races are not designed for PC use)

  • Bugbear (Strong and Dexterous)
  • Doppelganger (Intelligent and Charismatic)
  • Drow (Dexterous and Charismatic) (also in Forgotten Realms PG)
  • Githyanki (Tough and Intelligent)
  • Githzerai (Dexterous and Wise) (also in PHB3)
  • Gnoll (Tough and Dexterous)
  • Gnome (Intelligent and Charismatic) (also in PHB2)
  • Goblin (Dexterous and Charismatic)
  • Hobgoblin (Tough and Charismatic)
  • Kobold (Tough and Dexterous)
  • Minotaur (Strong and Tough) (also in Dragon and PHB3)
  • Orc (Strong and Tough)
  • Shadar-Kai (Dexterous and Intelligent)
  • Shifter, Longtooth (Strong and Wise) (also in PHB2)
  • Shifter, Razorclaw (Dexterous and Wise) (also in PHB2)
  • Warforged (Strong and Tough) (also in Dragon and Eberron PG)

Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide

  • Drow (Dexterous and Charismatic)
  • Genasi (Strong and Intelligent)

Manual of the Planes

  • Bladeling (Dexterous and Wise)

Dragon Magazine

  • Warforged (Strong and Tough) (also in Eberron PG)
  • Gnoll (Tough and Dexterous) (Sub Required)
  • Minotaur (Strong and Tough) (Sub Required, also in PHB3)
  • Revenant (Tough and Dexterous) (Sub Required)
  • Bloodline – Dampyr
  • Bloodline – Vistani (Dragon 380)

Player’s Handbook 2

  • Deva (Smart and Wise)
  • Gnome (Smart and Charismatic)
  • Goliath (Strong and Tough)
  • Half-Orc (Strong and Dexterous)
  • Longtooth Shifter (Strong and Wise)
  • Razorclaw Shifter (Dexterous and Wise)

Monster Manual 2
(note: these Races are not designed for PC use)

  • Bullywug (Tough and Dexterous)
  • Duergar (Tough and Wise)
  • Kenku (Dexterous and Charismatic)

Eberron Player’s Guide

  • Changeling (Dexterous OR Intelligent, Charismatic)
  • Kalashtar (Wise and Charismatic)
  • Warforged (Strong and Tough)

Player’s Handbook 3

  • Githzerai (Wise and either Dexterous or Intelligent) (Sub Required)
  • Minotaur (Strong and either Tough or Wise)
  • Shardmind (Intelligent and either Wise or Charismatic)
  • Wilden (Wise and either Tough or Dexterous) (Sub Required)

Dark Sun Campaign Setting

  • Mul (Tough and either Strong or Wise)
  • Thri-Kreen (Unknown)


Medieval Bestiary: Anthropophagi

  • Anthropophagi (Strong and Charismatic)

Book of Races

  • Avian (Intelligent and Wise)
  • Bjorn (Strong and Wise)
  • Excelsion (Tough and Adaptable)
  • Ferralyn (Dexterous and Flexible)
  • Insectoid (Strong and Intelligent)
  • Leonine (Strong and Charismatic)
  • Ling (Dexterous and Wise)
  • Nymph (Dexterous and Charismatic)
  • Obsidian (Tough and Intelligent)
  • Radiant (Intelligent and Charismatic)
  • Storm Elf (Strong and Dexterous)
  • Tarsion (Dexterous and Intelligent)
  • Vixen (Wise and Charismatic)
  • Volem (Strong and Tough)

One Bad Egg’s Races of the Shroud


Races of Eden (Part 1, Part 2)

  • Iomadi (Strong and Charismatic)
  • Athirua (Dexterous and Charismatic)
  • Cuporo (Wise and Charismatic)
  • Damakran (Strong and Tough)
  • Dromidae (Intelligent and Charismatic)
  • Rhonnu (Tough and Intelligent)
  • Setah (Strong and Wise)
  • Ainyu (Tough and Wise)
  • Naekara (Dexterous and Intelligent)
  • Biaur (Intelligent and Wise)
  • Ruayni (Tough and Charismatic)
  • Nwako (Strong and Dexterous)
  • Nyoka (Strong and Intelligent)
  • Simulant (Tough and Dexterous)
  • Inaw (One Physical or One Mental)
  • Ubiani (Adaptable)
  • Anpe (Dexterous and Wise)