Drinking D&D 2010

Drinking Power Cards

As explained over in this post, we have an annual tradition of running a Dungeons & Dragons game that involves drinking. The most recent one involved a new drinking mechanic: Drinking Power cards. Available for a download now are the set of Drinking Power Cards we made for the game, so you can easily add drinking to your own home D&D games.

Drinking Power Cards [PDF, 12 MB]

Some notes about usage:

  • Players get one Drinking Power Card (DPC) at the end of each encounter, plus one whenever the DM feels is appropriate (in the story, or for good roleplaying, etc.)
  • Once a DPC is used, it is discarded.
  • Every DPC has an alternate effect: The Cans of Time. The Cans of time is a re-roll in exchange for a drink, but the DPC is then discarded. So every DPC can be used for the primary effect or the Cans of Time, but not both.
  • Some DPCs list specific kinds of drinks. If you don’t have access to that kind of drink (for example, it calls for vodka, but you don’t have any vodka) you can substitute 2 drinks of another kind.
  • Some DPCs reference “the other table.” If you are not playing a session with multiple tables of players, just choose someone else at the same table.

DD&D Characters

Here are the 8th level characters that we used as well. Each one contains roleplaying advice, views of other characters, and most importantly, when they drink. All enclosed in PDF:

If you use any of these for your home game, please consider donating. All donations go directly to Critical Hits to eventually make more awesome stuff.