Drinking D&D 2011

Year 4 of Drinking D&D 2011 was our biggest ever, with 4 tables, each with 5 players plus a DM, all running through the same gauntlet of reality-show inspired challenges with similar characters from different worlds… while plugging products and, of course, drinking.

DD&D 2011 Adventure: Who Wants To Save Reality?

Product Placement Cards

All art is by Jared von Hindman. View the full images of all the cards – please email Jared if you’d be interested in owning any of the original artwork for the cards.

The Characters

Feel free to use your own characters. Here are the example pregen characters for two of the tables.

Insta-Fiasco Cards

DD&D costs us a bit of money to put on, and Jared graciously did the art for us at a much reduced rate than normal. If you enjoyed these files, please consider donating some money so we can feed our artist.