Survival mode pumps Fallout 4’s feel up to the right notch, adding a little something I missed without quite knowing it.


Since that day my first nameless elf died in the gray-ooze cave in The Keep on the Borderlands, I was hooked. I got into roleplaying games over three decades ago because I was interested in the drama.

Preview: “Chasm” Video Game

I distinctly remember leaving my apartment one day and running into my neighbor. He looked at my shirt and said, “Wow, you like Castlevania?” Fast-forward a few years, and a few minutes on my computer, and my neighbor gave me an alpha copy of his successful Kickstarter “Metroidvania” homage, Chasm.

Review: “Lords of Waterdeep” for iPad & iPhone

Lords of Waterdeep for iOS brings together two things I already like, so you can probably predict the result. So to say I was excited about these two coming together, announced months ago, would be an understatement. And thankfully, the end result is as good as I’d hoped.

The State of D&D, Post-Gen Con 2013

I feel like this post should start with a Star Wars crawl: “It was a time of great change in Dungeons & Dragons…”

My List Of Demands From The Next-Gen Consoles

There are several stages to my gadget-lust when anything new comes out, and console launches are no exception. We have already passed Indifference and Disdain, progressed into Intrigue, and we are now crossing the border into Self-Entitled Rabidity. With this in mind, please accept these frothy demands for the next generation of consoles: Second Screen […]

Cloud Is Just Loud With a C

A couple weeks ago, I wrote of the next iteration of the Great Console War. A few things have happened since then. Everyone hated Microsoft with the fury of a thousand suns for all the DRM and required Internet check-ins and Sony said “we’ll maintain the status quo!” to standing ovations. Then Microsoft said “okay […]

I Have A Reaction To Console Gaming

When I was 4, I got an ear infection or strep throat or some other relatively minor infection, and my parents gave me some sort of Sulfa-based antibiotic. That was a really bad idea, because it turns out I am crazy allergic to that, and I basically turned into a tiny red Frankenstein with crazy […]

Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My TARDIS

I recently finished BioShock Infinite. I know an army of people who loved everything about this game, especially the story. I enjoyed it, but the ending left me a little flat. I’m not going to discuss the details here other than to say it got all wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey (well, sort of) and I found myself […]

Dungeon: The Golfening

I have a lot of extremely creative and driven friends. I never set out to find them. It’s like I hang out with people I like and then all of a sudden they’re all “hey man, we’re like, working on Marvel Heroic Roleplaying” and then before you know it they go all Kickstarter on you. Some are even given the blessing of the Wheaton. Me, my dreams are smaller. I want to develop a videogame, and I want it to be so fun that everybody wants to play it on the toilet.