My 2014 as a Freelance Game Designer

Heat (Large)

Dave recaps his 2014 as a freelance game designer in both tabletop and RPG, and learn how too much clicking can seriously derail a plan.

Stealing From Games (And A Game About Stealing)


I see this a lot among game designers of all kinds, both new and experienced: “I really want to use [game mechanism X] but I worry it’ll be too much like [popular game].” I am here to set you free and tell you not to worry about that.

Review: “Lords of Waterdeep” for iPad & iPhone

Lords of Waterdeep Cover

Lords of Waterdeep for iOS brings together two things I already like, so you can probably predict the result. So to say I was excited about these two coming together, announced months ago, would be an understatement. And thankfully, the end result is as good as I’d hoped.

Metatopia 2013 Schedule


Metatopia is a unique convention, added to the roster of Double Exposure conventions. Metatopia covers games of all kinds, from board/card/party games to roleplaying games to live action games. As someone who has interests in all those areas, I’ve been happy to be at Metatopia every time they’ve put the convention on, including this year.

The State of D&D, Post-Gen Con 2013

My invitation to the Murder in Baldur's Gate D&D party

I feel like this post should start with a Star Wars crawl: “It was a time of great change in Dungeons & Dragons…”

Criminals: An Experiment in Card Game Publishing


Around 2006-2007, I was involved with a small startup game company called Robot Martini. We focused at first on making small card games by friends. The whole thing didn’t work out. But we did make some cool games. Flash forward to 2012 when I heard a rumor that the company behind DriveThruRPG was starting their […]

“Get Bit!” and the Tabletop Effect


Reflections on the story of Get Bit! and how it made the journey onto Tabletop, and what effects it has had on one game designer’s life.

Vanir’s 2013 Gaming Resolutions

It’s that time again. The year is new, and the resolutions are flying. Let’s see how my Will save goes this year.

My Year in Gaming Kickstarters


As 2012 wraps up, I wanted to take a look at the Kickstarters I supported this year, and ultimately focusing on the games, particularly the RPGs, my most-supported category.

2012: A Good Year for Cooperative Gaming

This year has been a great one for new games of all kinds. As I look back at the ones I’ve put the most time into and been most excited about, I was surprised to pick up on a pattern: most of them are cooperative games. While cooperative games are often a mixed bag for me, this year has produced some that I’ve gotten lots of mileage out of. Presented here are five of my very favorites that I encourage you to check out.

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