What the Orks Want


Do the Orks have a greater reason for their existence? Or, are they merely story filler like so many fantasy packing peanuts surrounding the nugget of the interesting stuff?

Preview: “Out of the Abyss” Adventure for D&D


The next big campaign for D&D 5e is Out of the Abyss, and it involves unleashing every demon ever into the midst of the Underdark. That sounds like a bad thing.

Storytelling and Pacing: Why a D&D Movie is Doomed and Could Still Be Awesome


While other companies made their big announcements and rolled out their newest projects at Gen Con last week, the biggest news in RPGs broke on the Monday following Gen Con: a settlement was reached in the proceedings to sort out who had the rights to a D&D-based movie.

Murder Hobos and Empire

mecha shiva

Nothing lasts forever unless it exists in a hermetically sealed box. But the Elves are smart and they stack the deck. These particular Elves (good and shining all) built their Empire like so.

The Lost Shrine of the Trickster God: GMing at Conventions


There’s something about running games for complete strangers at conventions that morphs a seemingly mundane tabletop RPG session into an unpredictable and riveting experience worth writing stories about.

Murder Hobos and the Economics of Piracy


Piracy is simply another form of market speculation, albeit an extremely violent one. When making the choice to raid a ship, or even become pirates at all, the would-be pirates make a conscious risk-reward calculation.

Greetings Murder Hobos From Sunny Purotu!

cigarette trees and whiskey rivers

His Highness Baston Kale, the Lord, King, Conqueror and Tehei of Purotu, a small, unknown, far-off country on the Frontier. Ruggedly handsome, lover of audacious medals, and sporting amazing sideburns, Baston Kale’s legend preceded him.

The Druid, the Murder Hobos, and the Coffee Bean

goodberry smoothie

These weren’t any normal berries. They were magic berries! Later, he gave the leftovers to the Druids. They popped the berries in hot water and made a drink. Coffee was born.

Inside the Deep Elf Marketing Department

my grell

“The Grell have a rich background. They float. They suck brains right through eye sockets. I designed them so they not only kill, but write philosophy.”

Sunlight & Stairs

ch spire

“My tribe’s Goddess is a Goddess of building. She has shown me the way and the way is up. We have plenty of room for us all to live together in harmony! We will build our city up the canyon walls!”