Announcing: “Sentinels of the Multiverse” RPG


In partnership with Greater Than Games, we here at Critical-Hits Studios, Inc. are pleased to announce that we are designing the official Sentinels of the Multiverse Roleplaying Game.

The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

to rez or not to rez

The King’s most fundamental concern during his reign is his Throne. But what happens to succession planning when the regime has resurrection spells standing by, assuming access to diamonds is not an issue?

The Great Sigil Trading House, or, “Elysium Wool Is Soooo Hot Right Now”

CH sigil smuggler in the hive

Don’t, they point out, ship goods across downtown Sigil. Don’t be the tiny bison guy. Use the gate towns. That’s what they’re for – so to speak. Build up big warehouse networks, find goods on Planes, and move in bulk. Bulk is where the big money is at.

The Modronocracy: an Adventure in Price Ceilings

prix fixe

The Primus requests they make one simple change: have their governments impose a Modron-calculated and -approved planned economy with set price ceilings on starting equipment items.

Breaking: “Dragon+” Magazine App Comes to the iOS Store

Dragon+ App

After months of speculation following the launch of D&D 5e and the cessation of the digital versions of Dragon and Dungeon magazines as part of the D&D Insider program in 4th edition, the new version of Dragon has seemingly emerged: on the iOS app store.

Castles in the Sky Part II: Religion, War and Conquest


Flying Castles allows civilizations and their Gods new tentacles of religious outreach. Off they went, doing what Gods do – grow from medium-sized Gods into big Gods.

The Index Card Method Codex, Part 2

Cue Card 2

A stack is a great inspiration tool when you’re looking for what happens next, especially when you run a no-prep style game. When you’re thinking about what comes next in play, just pick up your stack and go through it. You might find something that inspires a whole scene, especially if you keep up-to-date notes.

Castles in the Sky Part I: History, Mechanics and Trade

floating castle

Flying Castles wreaked slow motion havoc upon the flying castle-less neighbors. A period of open warfare and conquest followed where those without Flying Castles fell to those who did. It was an age of darkness and death from above.

The Index Card Method Codex, Part 1

World Stack 2

I’ve been using index cards as a GMing tool a lot this last year. In July, I posted about using them to create adventures in your downtime. I’ve since found new uses for them and brought everything together in this post.

Murder Hobos of the World, Arise!

Indentured Adventuritude

The secret no bard uttered and no poet told, was this: these warlords and heroes also wanted to settle down, find peace, and scratch their own subsistence existence from the soil with pointy sticks. What good is the story of Harold the Great who defeated the Dwarves at Holden Pass when Harold brutalized his way through the pass just to get the quality soil beyond?

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