Steve Townshend on Adventure Design Podcast

Mike Shea of Sly Flourish and Steve Townshend, freelance WotC designer and trained actor, discuss the ins and outs of great adventure design in this most recent Critical Hits podcast.

Critical Hits Podcast #34: The Id DM and the Psychology of D&D

Mike Shea of Sly Flourish and Michael Mallen, practicing psychologist and author of the Id DM D&D blog, discuss the psychology of the gaming table. This podcast discusses some of Mallen’s excellent studies into the mind of the players and the dungeon master and statistical studies of the Penny Arcade D&D podcasts.

Critical Hits Podcast #33: Erik Scott De Bie and Mike Shea on Sandbox Gaming

Mike Shea and Erik Scott De Bie talk sandbox gaming, specifically in Dungeons & Dragons 4e.

Critical Hits Podcast #32: Mike Shea and Dave Chalker on Epic Tier Play

Mike Shea and Dave Chalker talk about running epic tier games in D&D 4e.

Critical Hits Podcast #31: Quinn Murphy and Mike Shea on Skill Challenges

Mike Shea of Sly Flourish talks to Quinn Murphy of At-Will about skill challenges. Learn the top 3 tips for effective skill challenges. Get the hot button questions answered like when to say or hide the fact that players are in a skill challenge, how do you write up skill challenges, how to add interesting choices into skill challenges, how to engage players in a skill challenge, using skill challenges in combat, and much more.

Critical Hits Podcast #30: Chris Sims and Mike Shea on Encounter Design

Mike Shea talks to Chris Sims about designing effective encounters in D&D 4e.

Critical Hits Podcast #29: Randall Walker and Mike Shea on Terrain

Mike Shea of Sly Flourish interviewed Randall Walker of Initiative or What? (Deadorcs on Twitter) about the use of terrain in your 4e D&D game.

Critical Hits Podcast #28: Mike Shea and Matt James on Power Creep

What is power creep? How does it manifest in 4e? What are some of the egregious examples? How can a DM deal with all those many classes, races, powers, and items out there? These questions and more are discussed by Mike Shea of Sly Flourish and Matt James of Loremaster.

Critical Hits Podcast #27: The Out

Mike Shea and Dave Chalker talk about the combat “Out,” a method for shortening combats by defining alternative ways that the battle can end instead of one side of the other being wiped out.

Pax East 2011: House Rules and Stealing from Other Games in RPGs

Most Game Masters do it. Hacking your favourite RPG is as old as the hobby itself. However, one can often get bogged down with rules that defeat their intent and make the game less fun. Others have so many house rules that players and master alike get confused and lose sense of what game they’re playing.