Let Your Ambitions Drive You to “House of Bards” for Fate Core

In House of Bards, the kingdom of Costracinni exists in a constant state of war. And war means turmoil, but for the ambitious back on the home front, that’s just another word for opportunity.

The Decade of Blogging Nerdily: Critical Hits is 10

Our first post went up October 6th, 2005. Ten years later, we’re still blogging. Here’s a look back at the last decade, along with some reminiscing, our favorite posts, stats, and what’s happening next.

Preview: “Out of the Abyss” Adventure for D&D

The next big campaign for D&D 5e is Out of the Abyss, and it involves unleashing every demon ever into the midst of the Underdark. That sounds like a bad thing.

Storytelling and Pacing: Why a D&D Movie is Doomed and Could Still Be Awesome

While other companies made their big announcements and rolled out their newest projects at Gen Con last week, the biggest news in RPGs broke on the Monday following Gen Con: a settlement was reached in the proceedings to sort out who had the rights to a D&D-based movie.

Announcing: “Sentinels of the Multiverse” RPG

In partnership with Greater Than Games, we here at Critical-Hits Studios, Inc. are pleased to announce that we are designing the official Sentinels of the Multiverse Roleplaying Game.

Breaking: “Dragon+” Magazine App Comes to the iOS Store

After months of speculation following the launch of D&D 5e and the cessation of the digital versions of Dragon and Dungeon magazines as part of the D&D Insider program in 4th edition, the new version of Dragon has seemingly emerged: on the iOS app store.

Goodbye, Sir Terry

Sir Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld series, passed away today at the age of 66, following a battle with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Dungeons & Dragons “Monster Manual” Preview: The Bulette!

Our unofficial mascot here at Critical Hits, since the beginning, has been the powerful combination of an Umber Hulk riding a Bulette.

“Basic Dungeons & Dragons” Rules PDF is Online

This is a full game of D&D, including 4 races, 4 classes (going all the way from levels 1-20) and everything you need to run them including equipment and spells. There’s also the rules of how the game runs. The only thing it’s really missing to be fully playable are any monsters.

“Dungeons & Dragons” New Edition (Formerly “Next”) Gets Release Dates, Cover

“Dungeons & Dragons”, the new edition, has a release date, just in time for Gen Con, as well as product covers and a few surprises.