Skill Challenges in 5th Edition D&D

Skill challenges were the best kept secret of 4e D&D. They were awesome, but they were so poorly explained that it caused a lot of confusion.

The Deep Elf Game Shows

The Underdark lends itself to game shows. Piles of gems embedded in walls! Evil, tentacally monsters! (And can we get more tentacles?) Best of all, a conga line of attractive contestants with their own little and hilarious personality quirks.

A D&D Life

What does D&D mean to me? It’s an important question, because some might think after being laid off (twice) while working on D&D, I might have negative feelings about it. I don’t.

Company Pirates

Time for everyone to make money regardless of alignment, God, or creed. The more unsavory, the better!

Company Men

Out there, lurking in the deepest jungles, are things. Things waiting for the smart and adventurous to come around and pop them into their backpacks. Things customers pay enormous sacks of gold for.

The HR Problems of Evil

No newspaper circulates with evil want-ads in the back. No Quest Givers sit around in taverns trying to get evil to go on evil missions and join Evil Empires.

Realism vs. Genre Emulation

Why do you suppose the PCs win nearly every D&D battle they have? There’s an illusion of threat, but how often does the party really lose a fight?

The Franchise of Evil

A household evil name is more than a brand. It’s a stamp of evil quality. Murder Hobos know what they’re getting when they run with that brand.

World Building: Roots

Generation of the world or universe, the setting, is important to numerous aspects of creating media, from novels to games. Careful design can’t be undervalued.

A Study in Collaborative World Building

Our gaming group got together to start planning a new D&D 5e campaign. I went back into my world-building tools and applied methods I talked about in my Index Card Codex series.