Flank You Very Much: Tactical Play in D&D


An interesting question came up in an online discussion of D&D Next, and I very much anticipated seeing how the answers would play out. The question regarded how players and DMs handled flanking in the playtest, since the current iteration of the rules do not mention flanking. I was most interested in not what people […]

Exploring D&D at DDXP

More important than the first playtest of the D&D rules at DDXP was the opportunity that participants had to explore what they loved most about the game throughout its history. The first step in this exploration is to figure out what the game is to each of its fans and players.

Where D&D is Heading; or, How the Internet Changed a Game

Where I talk about my opinions on the past and future of D&D, and then end up sounds like a cross between a Romantic poet and the lonely drunk at the end of the bar after a long night. Which in some cases is exactly the same thing.

The Smallest Kid in the Sandbox

Designing content in a shared-world setting is fraught with dangers. Disgruntled fans are armed with all manner of weaponry, but none as dreadful as the ‘canon.’

A Joyful Noise

Geeks speak, but why should anyone listen? Because all voices have the potential to produce a joyful noise. We just have to be willing to hear it.

Preference is Puzzling

It is not terribly hard to write a typical dungeon-delve adventure with 3 encounters, a skill challenge, and the PCs rushing in at the last moment to stop the ritual before the evil creature of great power is unleashed. Many DMs and players are happy with that. Thank goodness! However, not every DM or player is happy with the standard fare.

A Year at Critical Hits, and GenCon 2011

Gen Con is always tough for me. When I first started attending, I just ran a few games, played a few games, and hit the Exhibit Hall. I didn’t really know anyone, no one knew me, and I could absorb it all without over-extending myself. Now it is getting more complicated. I still know very few people, and very few people still know me, but there are more obligations that go into a convention now.

There’s No Crying in Design

Whether you’re talking RPG design or other creative works, anything presented to the public is going to garner reaction. Criticism can be devastating, but there are ways to deal with it.

4e CAN be Old-School!

I asked myself a question a few weeks ago, and now I can finally start to answer it. Along the way, I scare myself with the random numbers that have stayed in my head for 30 years.

What Can GenCon Do for You?

Ask not what you can do for GenCon, but ask instead what GenCon can do for you.

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