Review: WotC’s “D&D Gaming Enhancer”

“D&D Gaming Enhancer”, as the product is labeled, is a viscous green liquid designed to “make gaming better.” Wizards of the Coast has opted to ship one gallon of the substance to every owner of the Player’s Handbook.

Preview: “World Wide Wrestling”

In short: I strongly encourage you to check this game out, and throw money at it until it arrives at your house and does a flying elbow through your door.

Soft Skill Check

It comes as little surprise to me, then, that when I look back on all the really good DM’s I’ve ever played with, I see a 10d6 fireball made out of people skills. These people manage to complete the cat-herding ritual that is holding a weekly game night. A lot of them work with their players individually to give each one something personal to enjoy in-game. They manage interpersonal conflicts, both in and out of game. They manage the expectations of their players. And they do it while running a game.

Visiting The Future Before It Vanishes

I have made the drive to Gen Con many times, and it’s about three and a half hours. It’s no grueling cross-country trek, but it has proven boring even with a decent music playlist — especially when I’m driving solo. Having a good audiobook playing made it feel like 15 minutes.

[Review] A Crapton of Awesome Old Electronic Games From My Parents’ Basement

After I moved out of the house when I was 20, my parents kept all the stuff from my old room in the closet. I’d periodically take a box or two of it home with me over the years (and the occasional well-deserved “when are you going to take the rest of your stuff”), but […]

Tales From Gen Con 2013

Hi-ho, Vanir the blog here. Gen Con has come and gone, and (as usual) I returned full of memories, inspiration, and strange ideas. Here are a few of the highlights of my Gen Con 2013 Experience™: PROTIP Do not start a new job the day after Gen Con. WOW that was dumb. My head was […]

California Pizza Katniss

Gen Con 2013 has come and gone, and all that remains is stories. Well, and pictures. And movies. And maybe a little buyer’s remorse from hasty sales floor purchases. But mostly stories. This particular story begins in the California Pizza kitchen across the street from the convention hall. I was sitting with my good friends […]

Stat-Flavored Protips, Gen Con 2013 Edition

As some of you may be aware, the Best Four Days EVER in Gaming draws near. A lot of new folks will be attending this year, and they will need convention protips. I have a stockpile of those, which I have decided to disseminate through a clever D&D ability scores framework. This is why I […]

[Review] Pacific Rim

WARNING: mild spoilers for Pacific Rim are contained within. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNT.   Over the weekend, I saw a quiet little movie called Pacific Rim. Going into the movie, I saw nothing but extremely positive reviews — not a big surprise for a Guillermo Del Toro movie and the crowd I listen to. I was super […]

My List Of Demands From The Next-Gen Consoles

There are several stages to my gadget-lust when anything new comes out, and console launches are no exception. We have already passed Indifference and Disdain, progressed into Intrigue, and we are now crossing the border into Self-Entitled Rabidity. With this in mind, please accept these frothy demands for the next generation of consoles: Second Screen […]