The Adventurer Cartels

The Super Evil Lich King of Ancient Yore reemerged from his 10,000 year nap to, once again, take over the world. The villagers found this inconvenient.

The Quest for a Magic Sword

Magic Swords – real, true magic swords – were the stuff of legend. So the bards claimed. And bards claimed all sorts of ridiculous things.

Interstellar Pirates Part 2: The Pirate Captain and Crew!

While dreaming of the big prize, pirates stick with their ship. They make more money in piracy than in merchant shipping. The payouts are better. They’re living a more expensive lifestyle. And if they happen to hit that one big score… right around the corner… the next ship is the one…

Interstellar Pirates Part 1: The Merchant Ships

Standard employees from the TB Corporation don’t venture into space. They dwell in their enormous glass-paned high rise calculating shipping routes, mining trips, and round trips for the highest possible profit margin.

The Dead Weight Loss of Plunder

The Goblins have tried a variety of tactics to get the local quasi-humanity on board with their presence. They’ve tried granting (exploding) presents to the local townspeople. They’ve tried a Hug a Goblin marketing campaign.

The Deep Elf Game Shows

The Underdark lends itself to game shows. Piles of gems embedded in walls! Evil, tentacally monsters! (And can we get more tentacles?) Best of all, a conga line of attractive contestants with their own little and hilarious personality quirks.

A D&D Life

What does D&D mean to me? It’s an important question, because some might think after being laid off (twice) while working on D&D, I might have negative feelings about it. I don’t.

Company Pirates

Time for everyone to make money regardless of alignment, God, or creed. The more unsavory, the better!

Company Men

Out there, lurking in the deepest jungles, are things. Things waiting for the smart and adventurous to come around and pop them into their backpacks. Things customers pay enormous sacks of gold for.

The HR Problems of Evil

No newspaper circulates with evil want-ads in the back. No Quest Givers sit around in taverns trying to get evil to go on evil missions and join Evil Empires.