The Decker and the 10M of Fiber Optic Cable

Algorithms become faster, smarter, and more efficient. Nastier. More aggressive.


Since that day my first nameless elf died in the gray-ooze cave in The Keep on the Borderlands, I was hooked. I got into roleplaying games over three decades ago because I was interested in the drama.

Shadowrunners and the Theft of Crypto-Corporate Data

It’s impossible to put a dollar value on the worth of a refrigerated semi carrying the data of an entire corporation. One file is valuable, sure. Maybe a few files are valuable. But an entire truck worth of files…

A Plot, So Meta

Canon serves as a framework for a setting, but after that, strict adherence to and advancement of canon along an official timeline is harmful to the setting and its audience.

Bribery and Corruption Most Diviner

For strange reasons mostly associated with the vomiting hellmouth outside town and the theoretical quick riches found therein, the Diviner’s Guild in Drumport kept losing their working Diviners to mis-adventure.

Resurrection Edition

I believe fifth edition’s success owes much to a studied return to the roots of the D&D game, along with the calculated inclusion of fan favorites from all editions.

You’re Gonna Carry That Weight

That hoard comes out to roughly 588,000 gold, plus the associated weight of all the other interesting stuff sticking out of it. It’s a huge sum of cash. But there’s an issue.

Rate My Quests: Quest Givers, Bards, and Asymmetric Information

It’s unlikely the old man is agenda free. Something is out there. The old man is using the party to kill it. Or feed it.

The Second Live Gnomish Caucus

The back room gnomes said, have it your way. But, you have to follow our highly confusing rules for the nominating contest which we just made up.

Lloth, Goddess of the Underdark Wide Web

The spiders crafted enormous fragile webs along the chains of the gaslight lamps and up the sides of the caverns. The Goddess granted her Clerics a new Channel Divinity – Web Message.