The Ring Of Rumours: A Cursed Item Story

And from that point on, I decided that the ring had a low level curse on it. Where people interacting with the characters somehow knew something about an expensive ring.

Magic Patents, Trolls, Scabs, and Open Source Spells

Spells have a special problem: they’re information. Spells are knowledge which, when learned, perform a specified effect.

Corporate Contracts in the Far-Off Future Dystopia

Violence makes things messy and inconvenient. Corporations like things neat and convenient. And bureaucratic.

The Game Behind My Serial Novel

Taken on its face, football is a bad game. It takes roughly 3 hours to complete only 11 minutes of actual football. If you were forced to play games with such unfavorable numbers, the equivalent would be an eight player game of Talisman.

The Decker and the 10M of Fiber Optic Cable

Algorithms become faster, smarter, and more efficient. Nastier. More aggressive.


Since that day my first nameless elf died in the gray-ooze cave in The Keep on the Borderlands, I was hooked. I got into roleplaying games over three decades ago because I was interested in the drama.

Shadowrunners and the Theft of Crypto-Corporate Data

It’s impossible to put a dollar value on the worth of a refrigerated semi carrying the data of an entire corporation. One file is valuable, sure. Maybe a few files are valuable. But an entire truck worth of files…

A Plot, So Meta

Canon serves as a framework for a setting, but after that, strict adherence to and advancement of canon along an official timeline is harmful to the setting and its audience.

Bribery and Corruption Most Diviner

For strange reasons mostly associated with the vomiting hellmouth outside town and the theoretical quick riches found therein, the Diviner’s Guild in Drumport kept losing their working Diviners to mis-adventure.

Resurrection Edition

I believe fifth edition’s success owes much to a studied return to the roots of the D&D game, along with the calculated inclusion of fan favorites from all editions.