The Second Live Gnomish Caucus

The back room gnomes said, have it your way. But, you have to follow our highly confusing rules for the nominating contest which we just made up.

Lloth, Goddess of the Underdark Wide Web

The spiders crafted enormous fragile webs along the chains of the gaslight lamps and up the sides of the caverns. The Goddess granted her Clerics a new Channel Divinity – Web Message.

The Unspoken God of Knowledge

The God of Knowledge no longer wished to share learning and knowledge with the world. He wanted learning and knowledge to come to Him. And He wanted it all. To keep His existence. To keep it secret. To keep it safe.

The Empire Elves and the Tourism Travel Guide

The Elvish functionaries would … write a travel guide! A travel guide about the Orks and the Halflings and the men. A disaster tourism travel guide. They’d return and be famous! It would be awesome!

The Emperor, the Orks and the Murder Hobos

Once they exited the throne room, the Emperor said, bored, to his functionary, “How many more parties of self-proclaimed heroes do we have today?”

“Six, Excellency,” the functionary said.

A Busy Year, Part 1: NPC Importance

Working as a part-time RPG freelancer is a proverbial rollercoaster ride. Sometimes it is thrilling, and other times the reward at the end of the ride is that you get to stop.

Let Your Ambitions Drive You to “House of Bards” for Fate Core

In House of Bards, the kingdom of Costracinni exists in a constant state of war. And war means turmoil, but for the ambitious back on the home front, that’s just another word for opportunity.

Financial One-Shots and Short Campaign Seeds

With a couple of tweaks, filing off the serial numbers, and squinting, tontines are a great inspiration for one-shot, short campaigns, and, in some contexts, longer running story arcs.

The Tontine

“This is a Tontine,” the Transmuter Banker tells the Guild Master as she underwrites the investment vehicle. “And considering adventurers, a terrible idea.” And then she signs the paperwork because, in her mind, Adventurers + Investment = Funny.

Tragedy of the Murder Hobos

Nothing screws up a balanced economy based on a carefully manicured and ecologically pure common resource like 20th level Heroes.