Announcing: “Sentinels of the Multiverse” RPG

SoTMHeroIn partnership with Greater Than Games, we here at Critical-Hits Studios, Inc. are pleased to announce that we are designing the official Sentinels of the Multiverse/Sentinels Comics Roleplaying Game. The official announcement is over on the GTG website. Our primary design team is Cam Banks, myself, and Philippe-Antoine Ménard (aka The Chatty DM), with additional writing from Christopher Badell and art from Adam Rebottaro.

Sentinels of the Multiverse is the megapopular superhero card game, featuring a multitude of exciting superheroes and supervillains. I was introduced to the game over three years ago, and it quickly became my favorite superhero tabletop game, and one of my favorite co-op games. The characters and storylines, even from just what we know from the cards, are deep and compelling, and play homage to decades of superhero comics in fun and unique ways. We approached the Greater Than Games folks a few years ago with the idea of doing an RPG that will bring these (and your own) superheroes to life. We’ve been designing and playtesting for the past 8 months or so, and we’re excited to bring you the first demos at Gen Con this year.

From our collective experiences working on Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game, we learned a lot about superhero RPGs, and we are bringing that expertise to adapt Sentinels of the Multiverse into a brand new system. The Sentinels Comics RPG takes cues from a variety of influences, including Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Fate, Apocalypse World, FUDGE, 13th Age, and years of collecting comic books. It will be its own unique system for superhero action, comic book stories, villainous plots, and cybernetic velociraptors.

More information coming in the next few months. The first official public look will be at demos/playtests at Gen Con this year (of which many of the events are already sold out.) So keep an eye out for superheroic action, adventure, and shattered timeline-ness soon.

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Dave "The Game" Chalker is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Critical Hits. Since 2005, he has been bringing readers game news and advice, as well as editing nearly everything published here. He is the designer of the Origins Award-winning Get Bit!, a freelance designer and developer, son of a science fiction author, and a Master of Arts. He lives in MD with e, their three dogs, and two cats.


  1. It will be interesting to see how YOU deal with the “Professor X Paradox”.

  2. I feel like the Professor X Paradox has been figured out pretty well with a lot of modern superhero roleplaying games. Especially when it comes to the more story-telling oriented games. For example, MHRP handled it very well. I have great faith!