Breaking: “Dragon+” Magazine App Comes to the iOS Store

After months of speculation following the launch of D&D 5e and the cessation of the digital versions of Dragon and Dungeon magazines as part of the D&D Insider program in 4th edition, the new version of Dragon has seemingly emerged: on the iOS app store.

There’s a direct link to the location in the app store or by searching for Wizards of the Coast. In addition to a news feed that integrates D&D’s social media presences on the full screen, there’s a full issue available for free download already.

Table of contents for the issue include:Dragon+ App

  • A Word from the “DM to the Stars”
  • Editor’s Letter
  • Elemental Evil: Unearth the Deception
  • Travel Talk
  • Profile: Goliaths
  • Interview: Sword Coast Legends
  • Video Highlights
  • Player Factions: Our “Heroes”?
  • Know Your Enemy
  • Community
  • Interview: Bob Overmeyer
  • Ye Olde Magical Emporium
  • Gauntlet Gophers
  • Where It All Started

I’ve barely downloaded and looked through it yet, but so far, seems like a pretty slick interface on my iPad. It’s a magazine as part of iOS’s Newstand feature, in case you’re looking for it after downloading.

Wizards of the Coast is reportedly working on the official announcement now (UPDATE: it’s here), which hopefully will contain information about other platforms, if there will be a Dungeon to go with Dragon, subscription costs, and so on. We’ll update this story as we learn more.

Here’s the official announcement, which includes mention of Android forthcoming, and some more info about the contents.

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