The Jungle Island of Loot, Part 3

After a very bloody round of combat , my players became aware that I wasn’t planning to parcel out encounters in tidy, balanced packets (especially since I didn’t have the Dungeon Master Guide at the time). They rapidly started looking for alternatives to becoming monkey chow.

Franky: Mush will use Minor Illusion to create the sound of Raptors in the nearby jungle to scare the baboons away.

Chatty: All right, gimme a roll.

Franky: Why? As a ranger, I should know what a dinosaur sounds like.

Chatty: Oh, you’ll scare the baboons away for sure. The roll is to check that Mush doesn’t recreate the mating call of the female raptor by mistake.

Franky: Oh crap…

(He made the roll)

Later, they explored the nearby jungle to find ruins. I picked the “Underwater Humanoids” card again, but picked Bullywugs as those guarding the entrance. As the group planned their approach, Nico suggested using his Pact-granted telepathy to scare them away.

Nico: You! What are you doing desecrating this sites?

(Aces Charisma-based check)

Chief Bullywug: Oh invisible Island God! We servants ordered to guard ruins! Accept sacrifice!

Chatty: The Bullywug swaps a HUGE bug with it’s  tongue and offers it to the sky!

Nico: Ewwwww… I use Eldritch Blast from cover to blast it from his hand (clatter, misses)

Chatty: The bullywug hands explodes in gore, the bug flying away free. They cry out in panic and run away.

And thus ended our 1st D&D session. We all agreed to make this one-shot the first session of a campaign.

And Nico LOVES D&D now.