The Jungle Island of Loot, Part 2

Redbeard, Mush and Jack sailed out of Ereborn and set for Volcano Island.

I started things with a sailing challenge, asking for roll. I forget if it was Wisdom, Intelligence or Dexterity. I was clear to let them know that they wouldn’t get lost, as the volcano’s plume was visible from anywhere in the archipelago. Flubbing the roll could lead to trouble, and it did!

Trying to find what kind of complication to inflict on the players, I found myself playing with the Index Card stack again. I decided to pull and got:

  • Hostile, underwater humanoid civilization

Chatty: Because you never worked as a ship’s crew before, you manage to screw up sails, ropes and all that boat crap. You’re temporarily drifting in water. As you work to fix everything, you see two Shauagin bearing spears come out of the water…. RIDING SHARKS!

(Hold your applause, please)

We rolled our first initiative. Sharks jumped over (and into) the ship, Shauagin stabbed characters and started throwing food and water overboard. At one point, a shark was thrashing about in the boat, biting everything in its path. As the PCs converged to kill it, Nico’s warlock proclaimed “I’ll use Chill Touch, shark meat is delicious and frozen fish keeps longer!”

Nico was officially part of the gang…

Shortly after landing on Volcano Island’s beach, Jack went to explore the edge of the jungle while Redbeard, Mush and the strangely still-alive accountant were setting up camp.

I drew “Savage Fauna”, I hope you’re starting to notice a pattern to my improvisational methods here.

Chatty: Mere minutes after Jack leaves, you see him running back from the jungle, screaming to get back into the water, a DOZEN angry baboons running after him.