MODOK’s 11: A Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Event


This is an event for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, based on the comic mini-series Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK’s 11 by Fred van Lente and Frances Portela.

MODOK recruits a gang of D-list villains to steal a powerful prize from a formidable adversary, while the superheroes of the world have their attention drawn elsewhere. It is designed for a one-shot convention game, and features a grand heist, hidden allegiances, betrayals, and all kinds of villain-on-villain conflict.

The event, including all necessary milestones and how to run it, is in one file. All the player character datafiles are in their own files, using the form-fillable Marvel Heroic Roleplaying datafile (which often requires an actual version of Adobe Acrobat to display properly.) Finally, there is one file for all the watcher datafiles, which go along with the insert notes in the main event file.

The event has been run at several conventions, including multiple times at Gen Con 2012. It’s very rough in some places, but should be enough to keep you going. This is an unofficial event, not endorsed by Marvel or Margaret Weis Productions, and no challenge is intended to either.

I hope you enjoy, and may the MODOK be with you.

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  1. Brett Abbott says:

    Thanks, I loved that mini-series and never knew you had adapted it for the game. I may well give it a run.

  2. Thank you so much, I was The Spot in this adventure at Gen Con 2012 and thought I would never get to see it again! You rock! Now I can run it for my buddies!

  3. I ran one of the sessions of this at GenCon 2012, and despite being a novice Marvel GM, the players ran with the adventure and had a blast, and so did I! A great one-shot that doesn’t take much additional prep work, could be a good thing to throw at a group for one of those “Life did life stuff and I couldn’t prep our regular game this week.” games that everyone needs to run some times.

  4. Never got to play in this one at Gen Con. Thrilled to get my hands on it! Looking forward to running it.


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