Update: Inner-Demons: Gamers Dealing with Mental Health Issues Hangout

google+On Saturday Feb 2nd at 9h30 PM (Eastern), I shall host a Google+ Hangout on the Air with Ryan Maclkin. (We’re running 30 min Late)

You can see it by following my Google+ Stream and it will automatically be uploaded to YouTube right after.

You can follow me on Google+ @Philippe-Antoine Menard

It will be named “Inner-Demons: Gamers Dealing with Mental Health Issues

Because of the delicate nature of the subject, we decided not to allow multiple participants in the hangout. I also want to focus on Ryan’s experiences and stories.

I will however try to keep an eye on Twitter (@ChattyDM) and the Hangout chat window to field questions. If I can’t keep up, I’ll explore with Ryan the possibility of a followup blog post to address those questions.

I look forward to the experience and I hope you appreciate it.

See you tonight!