Torg: A Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Hack (Storm Knight Datafiles)

Previously, I discussed the basics of Torg and how I was going to hack the Marvel dice pool system to be in a form more appropriate for Torg.

Today, I’m publishing six datafiles that I’ve worked on so far for my Torg hack. Since the World Laws of the various cosms show up in the datafiles, I will briefly discuss them as well, although not every datafile will include every World Law. You will also notice that I have made some minor alterations to the datafile format from my previous post. I think that these changes are a bit cleaner and don’t muck up the format as much.

The backgrounds and personalities come from the templates that were originally published in the backs of the various Torg books. I have not included any Milestones, as these will be more player driven.

[Core Earth | Aysle | Nile Empire | Cyberpapacy | Nippon Tech | The Living Land]

Core Earth

Although Torg was a great game, not everything WEG produced was as good as it could have been. One of those areas was the Core Earth World Laws, which didn’t even show up for over a year. Jasyn Jones produced a pretty good alternative to those World Laws, and those alternative World Laws are what I’ll be using for my Torg hack. One key with these World Laws is that they are ‘Powers’ that Core Earth can actually impose onto other realities without contradiction.

  • The Threat of Villany. “Heroes and villains are extraordinary, larger-than-life individuals who have made a choice to follow a specific moral path.  Heroes choose the path of benevolence and selflessness, villains the path of selfishness and malevolence.  Villains will conspire to gain power, wealth, or to indulge other selfish drives.” This World Law provides the impetus for villains to arise.
  • Power of Hope.  “Whenever villainy manifests, a hero will appear to confront it.  If the hero perseveres, they can overcome and succeed against incredible odds.  No matter how bleak the situation may seem, there is always hope.”  This World Law ensures that wherever a villain arises, a hero will be present to oppose him or her. If there isn’t a Storm Knight nearby, Core Earth will actually create one. This power actually has expanded itself into the invading cosms, which is causing immense complications for the High Lords.
  • The Gift of Inspiration.  “Possibilities inspire, and no cosm has more Possibility Energy than Core Earth.  Core Earthers have an unusual knack for sudden insights, insights which allow them to understand something new or to see something old in a new light.  These insights inspire artists, researchers, and larger-than-life heroes and villains, enabling them to do things they never could have otherwise.”

Human Realm Runner (Core Earth)


Single         d4
Double     2d4

Axioms                           Distinctions

Magic d6                           Jack of all Trades
Social d8                           Curiosity Killed the Cat
Spirit  d4                           Aggressive Driver
Tech  d10

Power Sets


Core Earth (Axiom Limits:  Magic 5 Social 15  Spirit 9 Tech 20)

SFX: The Threat of Villainy.  May immediately replace one of your Milestones with PERSONAL STAKE.
SFX: Gift of Inspiration.  Spend a PP to take a recovery action to recover emotional stress on an ally.
SFX: Inspiring Story. Add a d8 to your dice pool when attempting a story action.


1 XP when you declare that the events of the current adventure have a direct impact on you or someone you love.
3 XP when you take emotional stress involving your personal stake.
10 XP when you either prevent the negative impacts of the current adventure on your personal stake or choose to abandon them to their fate.



SFX:  New Hope (Alteration. Magic 10. Recovery action to remove emotional stress. Step up the effect die. )
Limit:  Backlash. If a pool includes a SORCERY die, gain 1 PP and take mental stress equal to the die rating of the spell being cast.


MAGIC SWORD d8            ELEPHANT GUN d10

Limit: Gear. Shutdown ELEPHANT GUN or MAGIC SWORD to gain 1 PP. Take an action vs.  the doom pool to recover.


Combat Expert, Vehicles Master, Medical Expert, Survival Expert, Tech Expert, Science Expert, Psych Expert, Business Expert, Alteration Magic Expert (Magic 10)


Before the Invasion, you spend a lot of time knocking about, doing different things. You got an education, thought about a career, but you were never ready to “settle down.”  Your friends called you “restless” and a “free spirit.”  Your fiancé’s father called you a “lazy bum.”  That might be why it didn’t work out.

When the Possibility Wars began, you were working in a village pub, serving drinks and talking politics with the locals. But the Invaders stopped that. They came to town, drove off many of the people, and terrorized and enslaved the rest. You found you could resist them, and the best way to do so was to learn from them.

You’re happy now – all things considered. You travel the world, helping people and learning new things. You never got really good at any one thing, but now, you’ve found your niche:  you can be good at a lot of different things.


Fairly laid back and easy-going, you have a dangerously large amount of curiosity. When the Invasion hit, you knew you had to fight the Invaders…but some of the stuff they do is so darn neat.


The World Laws of the fantasy realm, Aysle are:

  • The Law of Observation. “That which is observed is real.”  Effectively this means that illusions are real, as long as everyone believes them.
  • The Law of Magic.  “Magic is real.”  Although magic cannot necessarily be perceived, this World Law makes magic real nonetheless. In addition, all Aysle characters gain one Magic specialty (Alteration, Apportation, Divination or Conjuration) for free.
  • The Law of Honor and Corruption.  “Honor and Corruption are reflected in the appearance of the person.”  There were significant other benefits from Honor and Corruption in the original game, but I have not fully explored how to implement them in my hack. I may look into dealing with Honor and Corruption via Milestones.

Elf Wizard (Aysle)


Single         d4
Double    2d4

Axioms              Distinctions

Magic d10            Freakishly Intelligent
Social d4               Too Inquisitive for His Own Good
Spirit d8                Keeper of Secrets
Tech d6

Power Sets

Aysle (Axiom Limits:  Magic 16     Social 11     Spiritual 13     Tech 13)

SFX: Law of Observation. Illusions that are believed are real.
SFX:  Law of Honor and Corruption. Honor and corruption are reflected in the appearance of the person.
SFX: Honorable (Law of Honor and Corruption).  If the dice pool includes a Faith die, borrow largest die from Doom Pool as an asset, then step back and return the doom die.


SORCERY MASTERY d10                               MAGIC RESISTANCE d8
ENHANCED REFLEXES  d8 (Magic 9)        ENHANCED DURABILITY d8 (Magic 11)

SFX:  Flight (Apportation.  Step up your effect die. Grants MAGICAL FLIGHT asset, with a Magic axiom of 10. )
SFX: Summon Fog (Conjuration.  Creates a Scene Distinction:  DENSE FOG that lasts for the duration of the scene or is eliminated)
SFX: Versatile. Split SORCERY MASTERY into 2d8 or 3d6.
Limit:  Backlash. Gain 1 PP and take mental stress equal to the die rating of the spell being cast.


FIRE BLAST d8 (Magic 10)

SFX: Area Attack.  Against multiple targets, for each additional target add a d6 and keep an additional effect die.
SFX: Burst .  Against a single target, step up or double a FIRE BLAST die. Remove the highest rolling die and use 3 dice for your total.
Limit:  Gear. Shutdown STAFF OF THE EVERBURNING FLAME to gain 1 PP. Take an action vs.  the doom pool to recover STAFF OF THE EVERBURNING FLAME.


Conjuration Magic Master (Magic 11), Apportation Magic Master (Magic 9), Faith Expert (Honor)


You spent the law few decades in your tower on Elveim, studying elven occult lore and becoming acquainted with the arcane beliefs of other folk as well. It is your belief that one cannot be a complete sorcerer without first learning all there is to know about the mystic arts, and shortly before Aysle invaded Earth, you had decided that the disk-world had nothing more to teach you.

Thus you slipped away from the “Forbidden Continent” and traveled to the Valley of the Sword, making use of the maelstrom bridge and finding a realm rich in superstition and only now rediscovering magic under Aysle axioms. It seemed as if this cosm would be an endless found of information for you, if only your fellow Ayslish would stop killing the natives before you had a chance to talk to them.

Naturally you would not be much of a mage if you could not keep secrets and the one you guard most jealously is where and how the elves existed.


You are highly inquisitive, and always willing to enter into a conversation with another practitioner of magic. However, you try to avoid divulging any secrets yourself so the discussions tend to be a bit one-sided.

Nile Empire

The World Laws of the Nile Empire are:

  • The Law of Morality.  “All sentient, intelligent creatures take on absolute morality. There is Good and Evil, and nothing between.”
  • The Law of Action.  “Possibility-rated characters can accomplish incredible physical and mental feats.”
  • The Law of Drama. “Events involving possibility-rated characters are infused with a particularly developed sense of melodrama. Action is fast and furious.”

Rocket Ranger (Nile Empire)


Single        d4
Double    2d4

Axioms            Distinctions

Magic d4            Rocket Ranger
Social d8            Strict Moral Code
Spirit d6             Insufferably Likeable
Tech d10

Power Sets

COSM:  Nile Empire (Axiom Limits:  Magic 11  Social 14  Spiritual 14  Tech 18)

SFX: Law of Action. Spend 1 PP to re-roll the dice pool when performing an action.
Limit: Law of Morality. You must spend 1 PP to commit an action that would be considered “against the community.”
Limit: Law of Drama. All rolls of 1 or 2 on a die count as opportunities. Earn 1 PP when you are ordered to surrender when outnumbered and you comply.


SUBSONIC FLIGHT d10                    ENHANCED SENSES d8

SFX: Boost. Shut down your highest rated ROCKET RANGER BATTLESUIT power to step up another ROCKET RANGER BATTLESUIT. Activate an opportunity or participate in a Transition Scene to recover the power.
SFX: Multipower. Add more than one ROCKET RANGER BATTLESUIT power die to your pool. Step back each ROCKET RANGER BATTLESUIT power die in your pool once for each die beyond the first.
Limit: Overheat. Shutdown highest rated power to gain 1 PP. Take an action vs.  the doom pool to recover that power.
Limit: Axiom. ROCKET RANGER BATTLESUIT is Tech 22, but is not a contradiction when used under Nile Empire reality.



SFX: Second Wind.  Before you make an action including a OLYMPIC ATHLETE power, you may move your physical stress die to the doom pool and step up the OLYMPIC ATHLETE power for this action.
Limit: Exhausted. Shutdown any OLYMPIC ATHLETE power to gain 1PP. Activate an opportunity or participate in a Transition Scene to recover the power.

Specialties    (Expert d8 or 2d6; Master d10 or 2d8 or 3d6)   

Acrobatic Master, Combat Expert, Crime Expert, Psych Master


You first built a name for yourself in the Great War, where you won the Congressional Medal of Honor for your heroic actions in the Second Battle of the Marne. You didn’t really come into the limelight, however, until you won a gold medal at the 1928 Olympic Games. After the games, you spent your time making movies and coaching athletics at Notre Dame University until, one day, you were contacted by the US Government. The government was setting up a new, elite military unit comprised of a very special type of soldier. On that day, you agreed to become a member of the Rocket Rangers.

The Rocket Rangers battle criminals and saboteurs all over Terra. Each wears a specially powered battlesuit that was constructed by government scientists and allows the Ranger to call upon fantastic powers and abilities. With efficient management and their own strict moral code, the Rocket Rangers are one of the most effective police forces in the entire world.

While working on a recent case, you stumbled over a clue that put you on the trail of the infamous Dr.  Mobius, a nefarious villain who hasn’t been seen in nearly a generation. Eventually, you discovered that Mobius had left the Terran dimension and was out plundering new worlds for his own personal gain. With a handful of other heroes by your side, you decided to follow Mobius and return him to Terra to answer for his crimes.


You’re almost too good to be true. Everyone likes you, and it’s no wonder: everything about you is nearly perfect. You always know the right thing to say to make people happy, and you don’t suffer from a single negative personality trait.

The Cyberpapacy

The World Laws of the Cyberpapacy are:

  • The Law of the One True God.  “There is but one true God, and only those who worship him can have spiritual power.”  Members of other religions find their miracles more difficult to invoke.
  • The Law of Heretical Magic.  “Magic is the tool of the Devil. The Devil aids his disciples, but in time he extracts his due.”  Arcane magic is more difficult to cast, but when successful has more dramatic effects. However, demons await to attempt to possess the spellcaster.
  • The Law of Ordeal.  “Judgement of God in the form of trial by ordeal is available to all citizens of the Cyberpapacy.”  Such trials of ordeal actually determine guilt or innocence, and citizens are morally obligated to prove his or her innocence through the trial whenever a priest accuses them.
  • The Law of Suspicion.  “All individuals are suspicious of those they do  not know.”

Renegade Hospitaller (Cyberpapacy)


Single         d4
Double    2d4

Axioms            Distinctions

Magic d4            Renegade Hospitaller
Social d8            Protect the Innocent
Spirit d10           Cyberware Is Not To Be Trusted
Tech d6

Power Sets

Cyberpapacy (Axiom Limits:  Magic 10 Social 10  Spiritual 15  Tech 22)

SFX: Law of Ordeal.  When being judged by a trial of ordeal, add a d12 to your die pool if you are innocent. If you are guilty, instead add a d12 to the opposing die pool.
SFX: Law of Suspicion. Add a d8 to your dice pool when attempting to taunt or intimidate.  Add a d8 to your dice pool when you react to an attempt to persuade or charm you.
Limit: Law of the One True God. When attempting to invoke a miracle of a faith that is not Cyberpapal, step your Invocation die down by -1.
Limit: Law of Heretical Magic.  Add a d8 to the opposing roll when attempting to cast an arcane spell. Step up the effect die by +1. Count 1s and 2s as opportunities when casting an arcane spell.


ENHANCED SENSES d8          ENHANCED REFLEXES d8 (Compte’s Stabiliza)

SFX:  CSI EyeKill Mk IV. Spend a PP to step up or double GWI GODMEETER PISTOL when making an attack action.
SFX:  Explosive Rounds.  If a die from GWI GODMEETER PISTOL is in your attack action pool, step back the highest die in the pool to add a d6 and step up physical stress inflicted.
SFX:  CSI HotShot II. May step up ENHANCED SENSES by +1 when attempting to detect warm or hot objects in a dark or poorly lit environment.
Limit: Cyberpsychosis. Change ENHANCED SENSES or ENHANCED REFLEXES into emotional stress and gain 1 PP. Activate an opportunity to recover the power.
Limit: Gear. Shutdown GWI GODMEETER PISTOL or ELECTRIC SWORD to gain 1 PP. Take an action vs.  the doom pool to recover.
Limit: Axiom. CYBERNETIC WARRIOR has a Tech axiom of 22.



SFX: Mage Net.  (Spiritual 13; creates a Complication SPIRITUAL NET equal to the effect die;  add the target’s Magic axiom die to your pool. )
SFX: Rood Awakening.  (Spiritual 13; creates a Complication CRUCIFIED equal to the effect die. Until the Complication is eliminated or the invoker releases the target, the target takes d6 physical stress at the end of their turn).
Limit: Crisis of Faith. Gain 1 PP and shutdown CYBERPAPIST FAITH. Take an action vs.  the doom pool to recover.


Combat Master, Crime Expert, Menace Master, Faith Expert (Cyberpapacy)


You have always accepted that heretics must be hunted down and destroyed. But when you entered this new land, you saw much that made you question your beliefs. Here were a people who lived free of the influence of the Church, and they did not lead lives of depravity. You felt betrayed by Pope Jean Malraux who now used forbidden technology for his own ends.

When ordered to destroy a village in the Massif Central, your heart went out to the frightened and confused villagers. You tried to persuade your brother Hospitallers that slaying innocent people was wrong. But the Inquisitor attached to your order accused you of being a heretic. You have always followed the teachings of the Church, but you know that those teachings have been perverted by the o-called Cyberpope. You refused to confess your heresy.

That night you knocked out Brother Gerard and escaped taking the children of the village with you. Avoiding patrols of Church Police, you finally led the children to Paris. At first the Parisians and Resistance were suspicious of you, but after willingly subjecting yourself to their strange ritual of purification, you were accepted by them.


Pious and believing in the power of the Lord, you have sworn to protect the innocent, even if that means fighting your former brothers. You distrust the power of cybernetics, but accept that you must use it in the fight against the Cyberpope.

Nippon Tech

The World Laws of Nippon Tech are:

  • The Law of Intrigue.  “Individuals and organizations in Nippon Tech are more susceptible to intrigue and deception. ”  Any group of more than 100 members will have at least one spy or traitor in their ranks.
  • The Law of Profit.  “Those with great wealth will find things cheap. Those who are poor will find things expensive. “
  • The Law of Vengeance.  “Those who claim vengeance for themselves are favored. “

Contract Ninja (Nippon Tech)


Single        d4
Double    2d4

Axioms        Distinctions                       

Magic d4        Contract Ninja
Social d8        Perfectionist
Spirit d6          My Word is My Bond
Tech d10

Power Sets

Nippon Tech (Axiom Limits:  Magic 1 Social 16  Spiritual 8  Tech 21)

SFX: Law of Intrigue.  Add a d8 to your pool when attempting to be sneaky, deceive or offer a bribe.
SFX: Law of Vengeance. If you have been seriously wronged, you may immediately replace one of your milestones with I WILL HAVE VENGEANCE.
Limit: Law of Profit.  If you do not have Business Expert or Business Master, resources cost 2 PP to create while in Nippon Tech.



SFX: Block/Strike. When you are attacked in unarmed or melee combat, the attacker provides an opportunity on a roll of a 1 or a 2.
SFX: Ki Focus.  If your pool includes a NINJITSU power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one stepped-up die.
Limit: Exhausted. Shutdown any NINJITSU power to gain 1PP. Activate an opportunity or participate in a Transition Scene to recover the power.


SHIMSI SWORD d6 (Tech 4)

Limit: Gear. Shutdown NINJITSU TOOLS OF DEATH power to gain 1 PP. Take an action vs.  the doom pool to recover the power.

Specialties    (Expert d8 or 2d6; Master d10 or 2d8 or 3d6)   

Acrobatic Master, Business Expert, Combat Expert, Covert Master, Tech Expert, Menace Expert


Need for your services grew rapidly during the Mitsuyana/Kanawa takeover wars. The only distress you felt was the rapid exspansion of the ninja class, many of whom were glorified street fighters with no sense of tradition, whose training consisted of a few choreographed brawls. Your opinion is correct, but it is unpopular with some of those who employ you. Unfortunately, being unpopular has led to the request for your termination. Fortunately, your correct opinion meant that those who sought to kill you lack the necessary skill to do so. You are getting better. So are they. They have the numbers. So you sought defensive ground outside the realm of Nippon Tech, ground which neutralizes the resources the corporations can grant your adversaries. In these areas you have found that employment opportunities are still available, and you have found others whose fight is similar to your own struggles. There are forces which seek to eliminate those who follow the correct path, forces which are growing stronger each day.


You pursue your art with diligence. While you are far from perfection, you know that to seek anything less is incorrect. You honor a contract, and consider and oath between friends or within family such a contract.

The Living Land

The Living Land was the first cosm detailed in additional books after the first Torg core box set. As such, it was where many of the mistakes were made. The original Living Land laws aren’t very interesting, and Jasyn Jones came up with a refinement. He has yet to publish them on his webpage, but here is the gist:

  • The Perils of a Living Land.  “Takta Ker is a vast untamed wilderness filled with dangers. These dangers are called Perils, and there are an awful lot of them.” Once per Scene, a Peril will occur, which can serve as a distraction, an additional layer of opposition or the main opposition of a Scene.
  • Lanala’s Love of Life.  “The Goddess of the world, Lanala, wills life to thrive and her will suffuses the whole world.”  This results in various changes to the environment, but also serves to improve intelligent being’s chances of survival. This world law also encourages the use of ‘living’ tools.
  • The Relics of Lost Worlds.  “The Living Land is filled with ruins and relics from forgotten, conquered civilizations. “

Edeinos Warrior (Living Land)


Single        d4
Double    2d4

Axioms                    Distinctions

Magic d4                    At Home In the Wild
Social d6                    Life is Suffering
Spirt d8                      Renegade Edeinos Warrior
Tech d10


Living Land (Axiom Limits:  Magic 3 Social 5 Spiritual 24 Tech 3)

SFX:Lanala’s Love of Life. If your pool includes a Survival die, you may also add in your Faith (Keta Kalles) dice to your pool.
Limit: Lanala Abhors the Non-Living.  If you are using a non-living tool for your action or reaction, step down the highest die in your pool.


SUPERIOR STAMINA d10                   HROCKT SPEAR d8    (Tech 3, Spirit 10)

SFX: Claws and teeth. Step back the highest die in your attack action pool to add a d6 and step up physical stress inflicted.
SFX: Berserk. Add a doom die to your next attack action.  After you action, step up the doom die and return it to the doom pool.
Limit: Exhausted. Shutdown any EDEINOS WARRIOR power to gain 1PP. Activate an opportunity or participate in a Transition Scene to recover the power.


LANALA INVOCATION d6            SUPERIOR SENSES d10 (Spirit 11)

SFX:  Blossom Spears.  If your die pool includes a HROCKT SPEAR die, step up physical stress inflicted and then shut down HROCKT SPEAR. Take an action vs.  the doom pool to recover HROCKT SPEAR.
SFX:  Sensory Explosion.  When using LANALA INVOCATION to inflict a SENSORY EXPLOSION complication, add a d6 and step up the effect die.
Limit: Crisis of Faith. Gain 1 PP and shutdown LANALA’S LOVE. Take an action vs.  the doom pool to recover.


Combat Expert, Covert Expert, Survival Master, Faith Expert (Keta Kalles), Menace Expert


The gotak had told you it was time for the tribe to move once again, and you led a party of warriors ahead to scout. What you saw confused you. Other Edeinos, under direct orders from Baruk Kaah, were starving out the huge camps of the natives by intercepting food, rather than doing battle with the natives. The gotak who told you that the soft-skinned beings of this world were already dead instructed you to use the weapons of the walking dead. They wanted you to use the captured ‘rifles’ rather than throw your spear for the glory of Lanala. They were telling you to become like the walking dead. Troubled, you went to talk to your optant; she seemed to understand, but then she called for the Ravagons to deal with you. You evaded them by crossing into the land of the dead, where some of their optants gave you sanctuary. Since then you have wandered in and out of the Living Land, sometimes as a guide for those who call themselves Americans, sometimes to regrow spiritually. You know Baruk Kaah is doing something bad to your people.  You pray to Lanala that your people do not become as vapid as these Earthers.


You accept much of what life gives you, choosing to amplify the experience, good or bad, rather than avoid it. You find Core Earthers too restrained, but you have found a few new, delightful experiences outside of the Living Land.

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