Logan Bonner at NorWesCon 35!

Stan! having a wee drink.

Stan! having a drink at NorWesCon 34. This isn't me, but if you find him I'll probably be nearby.

Hey, folks. Here’s a quick update to let you know I’ll be a guest at NorWesCon 35 in Seatac, WA this weekend. Here’s my schedule.

Friday 11 am in Evergreen 1&2

The Influence of Tabletop Games on Video Games, with Eric Cagle, Dustin J. Gross, and Joshua Howard

Friday 6 pm in Evergreen 3&4

Have Licenses Taken Over the Creativity in Gaming? with Wolfgang Baur, Jason Bulmahn, and Erik Mona

Saturday 3 pm Evergreen 3&4

Building a Better Campaign Setting with Wolfgang Baur, Bruce Cordell, and Jonathan Tweet

Special Event! This isn’t an official NorWesCon event, but I’ll be playing or helping facilitate a game of Fiasco with The Doubleclicks, Geeky Hostess, Lillian Cohen-Moore, and/or Ryan Macklin. We’ll be using an unreleased playset written by Lillian and myself. Most likely, we’ll be playing in the bar area, but we’ll snag a room if possible. Follow us on Twitter for updates on how you can come watch the fun and learn how to play Fiasco! Warning: Expect an R-rated experience.


  1. Too bad this is on the west coast. Any plans of doing anything on the east coast?