Critical Hits Podcast #32: Mike Shea and Dave Chalker on Epic Tier Play

I’m interviewed by Mike Shea of Slyflourish about the epic tier of play in D&D 4th Edition, as we compare our experiences running and what we like and don’t like about levels 21 to 30 of D&D. We talk about the five biggest tips for running epic games, running an epic level finale session with nine players, designing epic tier encounters, how to tweak the upper levels of an epic tier campaign for more playability, using epic level monsters, designing encounters, and more.

Epic Tier Games (55 minutes, 52MB)

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Since it’s between 99% and 100% useful, be sure to check out Mike’s “Running Epic Tier D&D Games” book.

About Dave

Dave "The Game" Chalker is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Critical Hits. Since 2005, he has been bringing readers game news and advice, as well as editing nearly everything published here. He is the designer of the Origins Award-winning Get Bit!, a freelance designer and developer, son of a science fiction author, and a Master of Arts. He lives in MD with e, their three dogs, and two cats.


  1. I liked this… but I would also like to know what kinds of epic adventures you ran. How did you put them together (beginning, middle, end)? Also, how many encounters did you run between extended rests?


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