Chatty’s Gen Con 2011 Schedule and the Carpe Phil game

Just so you know what I look like during daylight

It’s a blogging tradition to share’s one Convention schedule so stalkers can hunt us down and tear us to pieces for posterity.

Not one to be left apart, here’s mine.


  • 6:00 PM – DD&D Party at the JW Marriott High Velocity Bar & Restaurant. Details are here,everyone is invited.
  • 8:00 PM – Running DD&D. This year’s theme: ULTIMATE DUNGEON REALITY SHOW
  • After midnight: Cleanup, Escort people who need help, crawl to bed.


  • Hit the Expo hall and reconnect with contacts and friends. Buy stuff.
  • Lunch with my buddy Ed Healy, one of the first guys who told me I’d make it.  I see him only once a year at Gen Con, can’t wait.
  • PM: Roam, play some games.
  • 7:00 PM – Private D&D-related event.
  • 10:00 PM – Magic (2012) draft with friends.


  • Breakfast with my buddy DNA Phil from Gnome Stew
  • AM: Walk around and maybe try to get invited into a D&D game in the Sagamore ballroom
  • 1:00 PM – Attending the Margaret Weis Productions Q&A Seminar “Capers, Capes, and Cannons” (You WANT to be there for big Chatty news)
  • PM: Free roaming and gaming
  • 6:00 PM – Private event. Dave is going to be all stressed for the Ennies. I’ll have a beer.
  • 7:00 PM – The Ennie Awards. We may win, we may not… but we’ve been nominated a few years in a row… that makes me glad.
  • After the Ennies: Probably drinking/gaming somewhere , possibly at Scotti’s Pub with the WotC crew.


  • AM: I’ll spend all morning in the “Games on Demand” area, running my Fantasy Leverage hack: The Dungeon Job and maybe even some Dragon Brigade.
  • PM: Wide Open… gimme suggestions. Possibly an official Magic Draft. Or gaming with friends and fans.
  • 8:00 PM – Media Meet and Greet. Come and meet me, we’ll have drinks, we’ll talk and I’ll share free advice… (like anyone can stop me)
  • Night: GAMING!


  • AM Last visit to Expo Hall,buying gift for kids and saying goodbye to friends.
  • Lunch with friends
  • PM: Going back to Montreal

Games I’ll have on me

Short Games: Spot it, Zombie Dice

Longer Games: Fiasco (I can play that game anytime, anywhere)

That's what I look like, by nightfall

The Carpe Phil game

It started as a Twitter joke where I said that I used to think “Carpe Diem” meant “Seize the Butt” (and implied I was a huge creepazoid). Then I turned the joke around and said I should make a Carpe Phil game à la Jane MacGonigal. So why not.

And no, it’s not an invitation to grab my butt, it IS awesome, but it is the property of someone special.

During the con, if I’m not otherwise occupied (ex: like running a game), I invite you to gather your courage and  introduce yourself (or re-introduce yourself, I suck at names). I’ll have a special d20 on me that I’ll roll. On a 1-19, I’ll answer any short question you have about gaming, freelancing and dealing with Bipolar disorder.  If you roll a 20 and I have the time, I’ll sit down with you for a short game of anything that lasts less then an hour.

One try per con-goer per day. 

Either way, I’ll ask for your email and I’ll have a draw after Gen Con. The winner will get  an autographed copy of one of my published works.

How’s that for a game for a gaming convention?

Looking forward to meeting/gaming with you all.


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