Inquisition: The Cataclysm is Nigh

Our previous Gamma-tastic Inquisition had an incredible number of votes, sailing past the 700s. Our top mutant would be an Android Engineered Human (presumably a cyborg of some kind.) Then we’d have a Hypercognitive Telekinetic who could do all kinds of things with the power of his brain. After that, you’d have a Yeti Electrokinetic- maybe all that fur generates static shocks. The least popular mutant? The Seismic Hawkoid… which is the Gargoyle example in the book.

As many of you know (hell probably everyone), today was the launch of Blizzard’s latest World of Warcraft expansion: Cataclysm.  More than mere increasing of the level cap with new races and new zones, this expansion rests on a new world shattering storyline that changed the look and feel of the game for all players, regardless of what version they currently play.

Old zones have been changed, new start areas for Gnomes and Trolls as well as thousands of new quests await current and returning players, irrespective of buying the expansion or not.  Those that do obtain it get access to 2 new races: Goblins (Horde) and the Worgen (Alliance), new adventuring zones and an increased level cap to 85.

So our poll question for you is:

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  1. Mmm? Where is the option “playing it right now, leveled my main to 81, rolled a goblin and a worgen”?

  2. Ken Marable says:

    I don’t play often enough and only started last year, so I don’t have any characters near the level cap anyway. I’m tempted to get it sooner rather than later for the two new races, but considering how rarely I play, I’m happy with the characters I have for now.

    My wife on the other hand already pre-ordered and is sitting at home happily exploring the new landscape. 🙂

    Also, on the results from the last poll, an android engineered human makes me think of not a cyborg of some sort, but what about a human that is created from scratch by androids. What would such a human be like? Designed and raised by androids. Could be interesting.

  3. Human raised by androids is pretty sweet. In GW you’d get certain traits and powers you’d have to explain, but it sounds like a great concept.

  4. I try to control myself to not start playing at WoW but now is very difficult to resit. Is there an option to be automatically eject from the game after a 24 hours of none-stop play ? 😉

  5. @Christian: Salut vieux (got your email, will answer tomorrow). There are “alarms” and time management tools you can use to help you not get in trouble. Hell, you can invoke parental controls and block out play areas or restrain session times.

    Also, instances are a lot easier to get into (the groups are multi servers) and take a lot less time to complete.

  6. Never played WoW, probably never will. Played Everquest a bit, and I played FFXI too much. Now I avoid all MMOs. More specifically, I avoid any game that doesn’t have a clear “end”. I know Blizzard/Square would like to collect monthly fees from me until the end of eternity, but I don’t have the time or will to play any game forever.