The Dungeon Master Guys, Episode 7

Gnome Stew group photo. Note: actual size.

Episode 7 of the Dungeon Master Guys is here, fresh from our post-Thanksgiving gaming.

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In this episode:

  • Chatty DM talked to the Gnome Stew crowd about their Eureka GM guide, a book featuring hundreds of fleshed out adventure/campaign hooks, arranged by genres.  Martin Ralya tells us about the book and, along with Phil Vecchione and John Arcadian, shared stories about making it.
  • Dave The Game interviewed Tracy, also known as Sarah Darkmagic, about being a new DM running a game for experienced players.
  • Newbie DM talked about his tips for encouraging roleplaying.
  • The DM Guys answer two listener questions.

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The Dungeon Master Guys, Episode 7 (47 mins, 22 MB)

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  1. Thanks for the pointers guys, when I heard you bring up Lovecraft, and taking ideas from things like that, and rehashing existing characters the whole picture started coming together for me, it helps having a copy of the Cthulhu Mythos on hand as well. Dreams in general have been an on-going theme in several of my games, and those of my friends, and I decided I wanted to focus on that aspect of a game, and make it the core of setting, whilst still having the players interacting with the physical realm, and the affects that the nightmares are having on it.