Announcing: Gamma World Guide, Grand Unified Junk Table, and the Junkulator

As part of our continuing Gamma World coverage, we bring to you today our Gamma World Guide, collecting a number of useful links throughout the web for your games.

However, we haven’t just brought you a new guide like our Skill Challenges guide… we’ve created a new tool for use in your Gamma World games.

It started with Jared von Hindman of Head Injury Theater, who recently did a lot of research on Gamma World, discussing random junk tables. I got in contact with him, and from our combined files, I typed up all the entries from older editions of Gamma World (and a few supplements.) I did some editing and trimming and dropped all 800-some items into a massive spreadsheet, along with a few surprises. We called this mega-list the Grand Unified Junk Table.

From there, Vanir put the whole thing into a database, and started coding a random generator to pull out pieces of junk and display them. The three of us tossed ideas back and forth (adding to the coding workload, as these things go), Jared contributed some more art. And so the three of us present…

The Junkulator, the result of our efforts. The Junkulator pulls a random piece of junk from the Grand Unified Junk Table, assigns it a random condition (also culled from various GW editions), gives it an image from Google Image search, and displays the result. You can get a single piece of junk, or 1d4+1 pieces of junk for your starting set. You can also display the Grand Unified Junk Table in its entirety and print it out if you want an offline chart to roll on. The result doesn’t always make sense, but hey, that seems appropriate enough.

We hope you enjoy the GW Guide and the Junkulator, and thanks both to Jared and Vanir for making it happen. Speaking of which, Jared contributed an article about the history of the junk tables in Gamma World, so be sure to check it out for some extra context and commentary.

And while you’re at it, check out the rest of Critical Hits Presents: Drinking Dungeons & Dragons and our events at DDXP 2011. Of course, there’s more on the way…

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  1. Cool idea! Some thoughts: It would be cool if after clicking Display once, clicking a second time hid, the way Spoiler tags work.

    I also would like larger images, of the size that you would use in a CCG. Ideally, the whole thing would be a single image so you could save it, print it, and slip it into a sleeve. Then again, that sounds like work!

    Very cool stuff.

  2. Thanks! Printable cards is definitely on our to-do list (and by our, I mean that Vanir does all the work), it just ended up being more complicated than expected to start with.

  3. Oh, and on the drinking stuff, you should work with The Jester to bring in his very fun rules for drinking. I linked to them from my latest blog on running Drinking games (all in-character rules, mind you).

  4. The Junkulator rules! Great app guys… thanks for hosting all this great material for GW.

  5. Wayne Peacock says:

    Freeeeeeeeking awesome! I can’t wait to use this in my game.

    BTW, I know you probably have all the cards you need, but here is a online merchant who is just awesome to deal with:

    Thanks again!