Critical Hits Podcast #25: Tomb of Horrors Actual Play (Part 4)

In part 1, our party ventured into the Tomb. In part 2, the party came across three chests and fought the denizens of those chests. Part 3 involved exploring a long corridor filled with images of all kinds of creatures holding different colored spheres, a three-armed statue, and another mysterious gateway… which teleported them back to the beginning, sans some of their magic items.

We pick up with the party re-exploring the entrance and finding a passageway they missed the first time around, and getting into a combat against a four-armed gargoyle. You’ll also hear my terrible miniature-related secret outed by my players.

Tomb of Horrors Actual Play, Part 4 (45 minutes, 29 MB)

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Opening Theme: “Exciting Trailer” by Kevin MacLeod

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