Critical Hits Podcast #24: Tomb of Horrors Actual Play (Part 3)

WARNING: To those of you who didn’t like some of the extra background noises in the last one (specifically the snacking sounds), there is still some of that here, so skip over this one if it bugged you before.

In part 1, our party ventured into the Tomb. In part 2, the party came across three chests and fought the denizens of those chests. Part 3 picks up after the combat when the cleric had dropped and was starting to bleed out. The party explores a bit more and comes across a hallway filled with glyphs of varying descriptions… and comes across another mysterious portal.

Tomb of Horrors Actual Play, Part 3 (45 minutes, 29 MB)

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Opening Theme: “Exciting Trailer” by Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Hilarious place to end.