Inquisition: Your Mutant Origins

Our Essentials poll ended up yielding one of our biggest turn-outs ever. 43% of you were very interested in Essentials, 19% of you were mostly positive, and 15% had no particular opinion. 9% are mostly negative, and 8% are totally down on them. Most interestingly, 6% of you said you weren’t 4e players but were going to give Essentials a try. Not a particularly large number, though maybe most of our fans are already up to date on Essentials.

Last week, as you can probably tell, we were all about the Gamma World. I reviewed the game itself and talked about the first game of it I ran. Chris Sims wrote an article about reskinning and how it can help give a different feel to your Gamma World game. Elsewhere, Penny Arcade made a comic about the game and discussed the card aspect. Greg Bilsland wrote about his GW game, and included some random background generation tables. Alphastream posted some awesome GW play-aids, especially for one-shot convention/game day games. Obsidian Portal added it as another supported system. And finally, today, At-Will has revealed that they will be releasing rules for generating random adventures.

There’s probably a bit more to come on the game from us, as I plan on running and playing it plenty more times. I’ve only played in one game and run two others, and it has yet to disappoint a single player in any of those games. I will be running at the Gamma World Game Day this Saturday, and other then what I consider a boneheaded move on requiring the purchase of boosters to play, I’m looking forward to running it for even more new players, as well as other members of my gaming group who haven’t gotten to try it yet.

And just for kicks, let’s find out what kind of mutant you are:

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  1. Rat swarm mind coercer: swarm of Hypnotoads!

  2. I ran the PAX adventure for some neighbourhood kids. (First… I don’t like the constant Alpha mutation… so I let my players simply choose and keep one mutation.) There was a variety characters of course, but 3 stood out.

    Brain, a TelekineticMind Breaker who’s Alpha was.. Super Genius.
    “I’m so smart, I can kill you with my Brain.”
    Brain is smart. Really smart. So smart it hurts… you.

    The Tick, a CockroachSeismic who’s alpha was … not memorable.
    The Tick lived up to his name when he drew his laser pistol on Dance Bot 1986, and received and survived (yeah.. still conscious) a whopping 33 damage in the form of a 2″ smoking hole in his chest.

    Sooper Brain, a Gravity ControllerMind Coercer, his Alpha was Life Leech.
    Sooper Brain has lots of mental powers, but really isn’t smart, and is in fact quite accident prone (7 Dex), but he thinks he’s reely smart. So he’s always arguing with the Brain, between tripping and falling. He likes to throw Sledge Hammers. Sooper Brain can dance.

    I was shocked by just how many kids in my neighborhood knew 70s’ disco music.

  3. Rolled mine up on my copy of Gamma World that I bought yesterday… Rat Swarm / Speedster. Fast lil’ devils, aren’t they?

  4. Nice to hear Chris Tulach tweet today that the Gamma World PAX adventure will now be available as part of the convention support pack.

    Thanks for the mention!

  5. Wow, I rolled my 2d20 and got 14 and 19… a Pyrokenetic Telekinetic.

    Damn, that’d be pretty sweet!

  6. All right, fine. You’re luring me to the dark side. I just may have to give Gamma World a try.

  7. ’cause radioactive androids make the best scientists!

  8. I just played my first encounter with a Radioactive Gravity Controller, and good god its almost cheating how well those two compliment each other. My 20 Con lets me tank and deal pretty heavy melee damage, and at-wills let me range the hell out of everything else. My alpha mutation kinda sucks though. It magically makes me look like the species of those who see me, so i look different to everyone individually. kinda confusing…


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