The Dungeon Master Guys, Episode 5

"I could run a gang!"

Our long-awaited (don’t say delayed) post-Gen Con episode! Chatty DM, Dave the Game, and Newbie DM are back from Gen Con, well rested, and you get to hear some of the great interviews we did during and after the convention. This extra long episode features two great interviews from Gen Con, and one interview following up on an announcement that happened at Gen Con. But even if you didn’t go or will never go to the convention, you’ll still find something to help your DMing.

What we didn’t do was answer any reader questions… because we don’t have any! Email us, leave a comment, or leave a voicemail on 305-349-3026 (make sure to say it’s for the DM Guys) and we’ll try to answer it in a future show.

Warning: this podcast contains some explicit language (mainly from Luke Crane.)

In this episode:

  • Chatty DM asks Luke Crane “What can GMs learn from Gen Con?”
  • Newbie DM talks to Mike Shea of Sly Flourish about epic-level play
  • Dave the Game and Chatty DM interview Chris Perkins, Creative Manager for D&D, about being a killer DM

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The Dungeon Master Guys, Episode 5 (45 mins, 43 MB)

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  1. Nerd that is procrastinating says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of epic tier (in any edition), but perhaps i just haven’t have a good session for it (as a player or DM). So it’ is interesting to hear how it is going for others since they might have something figured out to make me change my mind about it.

    Random quotes that caught extra attention from me while listening:
    “Be nice in heroic, be even-handed at paragon, and be a real bastard at epic” -Mike Shea @ approx 16:40

    “…I kill my players in actual interesting story-related ways …” -Chris Perkins @ approx 26:00
    I hope he means “player characters” or else he just added a whole new dimension to his “killer DM” title/reputation 🙂

  2. Do you guys use a different file naming convention for every episode just to mess with OCD guys like myself? 😛

    Otherwise, great job! Keep up the good work!

  3. We do that so that we can challenge you for a few seconds every month.

    We can try adopting a more formal file naming scheme if it will alleviate that building pressure in your skull that I assure you is not due to our subliminal callings of the Great Old Ones through your headphones and speakers… 😀

  4. great job guys! Keep it up!

  5. Thanks for the feedback, it really means a lot to us. Podcasts, contrary to Blog posts, seem less likely to gather direct feedback and comments. I spend some time each months, scratching my head about how the show is received by our listeners…

    Heck I have no idea how many listeners we have… I should ask Dave.