Chatty’s Toronto Adventure: Fan Expo 2010

With Nico’s ear surgery out of the way, it so happens that I shall be at the Toronto Fan Expo from August 27 to 29. I’ve been invited as a gaming guest, alongside Toronto gaming luminaries like Robin Laws and Ed Greenwood… Oh yeah, and that gorgeous red-headed gamer Felicia Day

Where was I?  Ah yes, the Expo.

I only have 3 scheduled activities for the whole con, all on Saturday:

DM Master Class, Saturday 12 PM room #103A.  Join me and fellow GMs Robin Laws and Ed Greenwood.

From the Schedule:

A panel of expert Dungeon Masters with credentials that no one questions.
A group with combined strength, charisma, dexterity and wisdom of one million!
A cast who can defeat a Tarrasque with a wave of one hand… okay, I think
you get the idea. These guys are good.

(I didn’t write that! I swear!)

D&D 4e, Font of Sorrows, Saturday 3h3o-7h00 PM, room #202D

Adventure Synopsis:

A shard of the Chained One’s Obelisk of Madness is rumored to lie entombed with
the remains of a priest?druid of Elemental Evil deep in the Underdark. Rumors from previous adventures have brought PCs to the legendary underground
City Within at the very edge of the Deeps, where it is believed that a cabal of
elementalists are seeking to find the Temple?tomb where the shard may lie. A Level
6 D&D 4e adventure with fully pre?generated PCs from the Players Handbook 3.

Mouse Guard, Deliver the Mail, Saturday 7h30-Midnight, #Room 202D

Game Synopsis

As mouse guards, you are tasked to patrol the Mouse Territories, protect the
innocent, fight predators and, occasionally, deliver the mail that accumulates from
town to town over the harsh Winter season. In this fully developed sample missions
taken from the Mouse Guard rulesbook, players will get to play in the universe of
David Petersen’s Mouse Guard comic books based on Luke Crane’s award winning
Burning Wheel game engine.

For the rest of the weekend, I’m free.  I plan to walk the con floor, meet with local fans, get some of that awesome Toronto food (heck, I’ll even try the local poutine if I really must, he he he), and hopefully play lots of off con games around the convention (Like at my hotel bar, I’ll be at the Mariott).

Hell, we should organize some sort of Friday Night noard games like we did at Pax East. Anyone wants to help?  PM and I will load the car with board games and RPGs.

I’ll also have a few copies of the Deluxe One Page Dungeon Codex if you want to get your hands on one of the last copies.

The best way to catch me is to email me at or send me a public tweet @chattydm on Twitter.  See you soon!