Review: New Dice from Q-Workshop!

At this point, if you haven’t heard of Q-Workshop, then you’re missing out on some of the best dice that are being produced today! We are lucky enough to have gotten a chance to look at, roll around, and generally admire three of their sets of dice – Celtic Dice (pictured right), Forest Dice, and Elven Dice.

All three of these sets of dice are the same high standard of quality that we’ve come to expect from Q-Workshop, the Celtic and Forest dice are intricately detailed and incredibly fun to play with while the Elven dice are more elegant and simplified in their design. The only issue that we have with the Celtic and Forest dice is that because they are so detailed, some of them can be hard to read which interferes with the basic function of dice. This issue, however, seems to be something that the company is improving on as they continue to produce dice, creating a balance between intricacy and readability that will result in some truly original and highly functional dice.

The Forest dice (below left) seem to be the first step in the direction of higher readability while still retaining much of the detail of sets like the Celtic dice. Very similar to the Dwarven dice set that I reviewed back in December, the Forest dice set is a well themed and beautifully crafted product that can be a great element to bring a bit more of your character or your personality to the table. Simply rolling the Dwarven dice makes me want to play a classic D&D dwarf again, and I can easily see the Forest dice being something fun for someone playing a Druid or any nature based character to have at the table. The same can be said for the Elven dice set (below right), which differs from the other two in that they are semi-opaque dice with red numbers in a very subtle elven script. These dice have the obvious benefit of being as easy to read as any other dice, but still provide a more unique and personalized feel to them.

All of these dice are extremely high quality, and I can now say since I’ve been using the Dwarven dice set since early December that wear and tear on them has not been a concern at all. Then again, I’m not rough with my dice either! If you’re looking for a new set of dice, or a special present for that gamer in your life who may or may not have enough dice, then I really cannot recommend Q-Workshop’s dice enough. This is especially true now that they are announcing lower prices for many of their dice sets along with all new ones coming out (including the Forest and Celtic sets above), here is the official news release that they provided us with and a link to a video that they’re using to get the news out – please check it out:

Q-workshop STRIKE !!!!

Q-workshop’s STRIKE movie, journey to the unknown land of dice manufacturing: Q-workshop STRIKE movie



  1. Since Danny brought these over to our place, I can also attest that they are absolutely stunning dice. If I had a druid character, I’d totally want to be rolling the Forest Dice. 🙂

  2. Cool! I have a set of the green Elven dice from Q-workshop, they are of a great quality! The Dwarven and Celtic dice looks really cool, I may have to add them to my collection!

    I really wish less of these dice companies would roll the dice in tumblers. I’ve noticed the dice tend to become more egg shaped and I can have them consistently roll high or low because of that. The tumbled dice become unintentionally loaded by their off-balance shape.

  3. eL_sTiKo says:

    I can’t say enough about these guys. I ordered the Earthdawn and Steampunk sets, and shortly after they arrived, I received an email checking on the timely delivery (it was) and the quality of the dice (great). I mentioned some small imperfections in the paint job on one set and they sent me a replacement set straight away!

  4. I meant to buy a set a while back, but apparently I forgot. Thanks for reminding me!


  5. Wow, those forest dice are incredible. I have two sets of elven dice (white on black and black on white), but I think I’m going to have to pick up a set of those forest ones.

  6. Maybe those forest dice look incredible, but they’re no where near as readable as plain dice with a well-contrasting color. Several gamers I know are older and wear glasses (or need them…), but they have dice with designs on them or the dreaded black with red numbers: the worst possible dice for them! I just wish those people knew how long it takes them to read their dice.


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