Chris Sims’s 2010 Gen Con Schedule

Maybe you'll recognize me . . .

I’m going to Gen Con for the first time as a civilian, and like Chatty DM, for the first time as part of the Critical-Hits team. Here’s my planned schedule. We’ll see if it survives contact.


4:30 PM
I arrive at the convention! I’ll be hungry. I hope to see you. I’ll be hanging out with as many folks as I can.

8 PM: DD&D with Phil
Location: Tbd, so look for it on Twitter.

I’ll be playing Shard in’Nay, shardmind wizard. Audience encouraged!


Early in the day, I’ll be in the dealer’s hall and hanging out.

1 PM: 4e Tips Panel
Location: Westin Caucus (sold out, but come anyway)

I’ll be stealing tips and tricks from Dave and Phil, and pretending to give out DMing advice. Shhh! Don’t tell Dave.

Look for the signs of your demise.

2 PM: Welcome to Dark Sun, B!#&@$!
Location: Convention Center Sagamore Ballroom. Look for the sign. You’re welcome to watch.
Critical Hits Crew—including The Game, TheMainEvent, Bartoneus, Vanir, and ChattyDM—and e of Geek’s Dream Girl.

Wherein we learn that life is hard.

7 PM: Roleplaying for the Severely Disturbed
Location: Westin Caucus
The Game, Bartoneus, ChattyDM, Me, Obsidian Portal Micah, ve4grm, E, and Vanir.

Can Doctor Dante cure Kuang (my character) of his Spotlight Hog mania involving climbing to high places, compulsive stripping, and spontaneous public singing? I mean, he’ll be dealing with real wackos, too. It’s really bad when you have this much yang blocking your yin.

11 PM: Mouse Guard – Deliver the Mail

I’ll be playing a mouse that apparently guards something, which I can only guess is being mailed. Phil’s running the show.


Morning shenanigans I can’t talk about, really.

1 PM: Welcome to Dark Sun, Too, B!#&@$!
Convention Center Sagamore Ballroom. Look for the sign. You’re welcome to watch.

Click for Kuang!

Players: Jared Von Hindman, Arthur Wright, Julie!, World Famous Game Designer Robert J. Schwalb, Wes “of RPGA LFR fame” Robinson, Newbie DM

Wherein we learn that life is not fair.

8 PM: ENnies
Location: Westin Grand Ballroom

Critical-Hits is up for an award. I won’t be on stage, seriously.

After-ENnies Fun
We’ll be up late doing something. Join us.


Morning shenanigans, again. You might be invited. Invite yourself, in fact.

1 PM: Welcome to Dark Sun, Three, B!#&@$!
Location: Convention Center Sagamore Ballroom. Look for the sign. You’re welcome to watch.
Sarah Darkmagic (Tracy Hurley), Fred Hurley, Daniel “Highmoon” Perez, Matt “Loremaster” James,  Craig “That Freelancer” Campbell, Scott “Bad Weather” Sutherland

Wherein we learn that no amount of sunscreen shall do.

8 PM: Media Meet and Greet
Location: Union Station

Where I get to hangout with people who are much cooler than I am.

9 PM: Playtest Vampires

Highmoon teaches us about blood types.

12+ AM: Party
Back to Media Meet and Greet or to some other party/gaming.


Free until I leave around 2 PM, at which point I’ll be sad.


  1. “Bad Weather”?

    Hahaha!!! Awesome! I love it!

    Hey, I should bring my laptop and webcam to the game and record it.

  2. Noah Marshall says:

    I have Sunday “free” as well, mostly because it’s difficult to schedule a 4-hour game when you need to be at an airport by 1. Thus I’ll probably have to pull an all-nighter on Saturday to really get my fill.
    Stupid west coast.