Last Day to Vote in the Ennies / GenCon Contest Winners

GenConAs I write this, there’s only a few hours left to vote for Critical Hits for Best Blog in the 2010 Ennies. We would really appreciate your support voting us as #1 and telling your friends to vote for us as well. When the clock ticks over to midnight EST tonight after Sunday, July 25th, it’ll be too late, so please don’t delay any more, no matter who you’re voting for.

And in other Gen Con news, we’ve selected our winners in our Gen Con contest. The “can’t go to Gen Con” winner selected by die-roll is:

Randy Hurlburt who said

I can’t go to GenCon because I will still be at the Pennsic War that weekend. I’ll miss rolling the dice, but at least I will still get to bash some heads, up close and personal-like.

And our two winners selected to receive a badge for Gen Con, once we’ve verified that they still need it, are:

Ben who said

I want a ticket to go to GenCon so I can take my 7 year old daughter – kids get in free! The gaming world needs new young fans, and GenCon is the perfect place to fuel her imagination for years to come. It would be a great road trip for the two of us.

and Dave Nummer who said

i want to go to to GenCon because frequently my people gather to share stories and regale one another with tales of their cunning and prowess on the battlefield of life. despite my 22 winters on this plane, i have yet to gather great stories of glory and honor of my own. i believe that GenCon holds these stories and tales that i so desperately desire. please let me go back to my people as a hero.

Congratulations to our winners, and stay tuned for more about Gen Con.

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