Inquisition of the Week: Best Game Nominees

Welcome to the latest installment of Inquisition of the Week, our regular column where we ask our readers a question, usually in poll form, to see what you all have to say.

Our last Inquisition was about the prevalence of magic items in your campaign, and what amount you prefer in the D&D games you play. 60% of you pegged the “sweet spot” at 3-4 magic items- few enough to keep them distinguishable, plentiful enough to get multiple effects. 24% of you prefer a “monty haul” style where characters are covered like Christmas lights, and 14% of you prefer a single, signature item.

This week, as we’ve been beating the drums, Ennies voting is going on now (obligatory plug- category #18, vote us #1 in Best Blog!) Of course, the big category, of which there are 10 nominees, is Product of the Year. These games exemplify excellence in everything from writing, design, and presentation. Though all the nominees in every category are worth notice, it is these that have some of the highest honors in the industry.

Thus, my question is about these 10 nominees.

[poll id=”166″]

If you have anything to say about any of these games, please share! While many are probably familiar with games like Pathfinder and Shadowrun, something like Kerberos Club might not as be well known and could use some commentary.

More links to the nominees:

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