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Voting opens today, and we’d really like you to vote for us as Best Blog. We were nominated last year too and lost to fine competition, and this year’s competition is easily as fierce. Thus, we’re presenting this post that highlights some of our content over this past year (and a few endorsements) that we believe qualifies us to be voted Best Blog.

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Praise for Critical Hits

I read this gaming blog called critical-hits. It’s awesome, and if you like RPGs, you should read it too.

Wil Wheaton (Yes, that Wil Wheaton)

Critical Hits is a cool D&D site. Although it focuses a lot on 4E, you can extrapolate a lot to any edition.

–Monte Cook, Game Designer, Author, and Manager of Dungeon A Day

[The 5×5 Method] is one of the neatest GMing tools I’ve seen recently — it needs to be turned into a PDF and shared as widely as possible.

–Martin Rayla of Gnome Stew

For insights and advice on roleplaying with Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, I always turn to the ENnie Awards-nominated web site Critical Hits. They know what makes it fun to play. But they also know the game and where to find stuff to make it even better.

–David of Purple Pawn

Critical Hits has been pretty much my go-to website for any RPG-related news which has a crew of writers that have good connections with the industry. These are the guys that I look up to in regards to gaming journalism and they have also produced some indepth analysis especially in the 4E mechanics.

Questing GM

Those guys are some of the most prolific and nicest bloggers on the RPG Blogosphere… who are you to not believe Wil Wheaton? […] Seriously, if you don’t go vote for Critical Hits today I will pump Vanir full of sugar and send him to your next game session. None of your livestock will be safe.

–Dante of Stupid Ranger

Critical Hits is Double Rainbow….all the way.

–Denham Hardman

Critical Hits rocks like Winger!!

–David Christ, Owner of Baldman Games

Before discovering critical hits I was an alcoholic hit man for the cultists of Great Cthulhu. Now, I’m still an alcoholic hit man for the cultists of Great Cthulhu, but critical hits fills me with hope in the works of man, and may be the tipping point in my decision to foil their plans for the great awakening.

Wyatt Salazar

There you have it. That’s what we’ve provided and more over the past year. So please, go vote for us now (and all the other fine products you like.) We’re category #18, and we would appreciate a “1” next to Critical Hits for Best Blog. Thanks to all our wonderful readers.

About Dave

Dave "The Game" Chalker is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Critical Hits. Since 2005, he has been bringing readers game news and advice, as well as editing nearly everything published here. He is the designer of the Origins Award-winning Get Bit!, a freelance designer and developer, son of a science fiction author, and a Master of Arts. He lives in MD with e, their three dogs, and two cats.


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