Origins 2010: Get the One Page Dungeon Codex

Remember that contest way back when?

A few weeks back, with the help of my friends at Tabletop Adventures, I announced the publication of the 2009 Deluxe One Page Dungeon Codex, an anthology of essays on the One Page Dungeon and the contest’s best entries on various PDF stores (as a free product).  Well after more than 4000 downloads, the product is now be available in more forms!

For those attending the Origins Game Fair over the weekend, you can mosey on down to Tabletop Adventure’s booth (#422) and purchase a copy of the Codex on CD-ROM (includes the color PDF Codex in both screen and print resolution formats and all 112 One Page Codex entries) for just 5$.  The CDs look awesome and makes for a great, crash proof and portable reference!

But that’s not all, you can also get to see what the color hardcopy of the Codex will look like and pre-order it!  While the Codex is gorgeous on your computer screen, can you imagine what all those lovingly crafted dungeons looks like fresh out of a professional printer’s? I can’t wait to hold them in my hands and lug them around at cons!

We’re selling it at cost for 22$ plus shipping which will stand at 5$ in the US, 12$ in Canada and 14$ overseas.  Books will be available in August after Gen Con.

We’re proceeding thus because we’re doing all this at cost and can’t afford to pre-produce them.  After Origins, we’ll offer the product through the KickStarter program (a patronage system for financing), with various levels of involvement and bonuses to generous patrons, like several copies of the book, signed copies of the Codex and my very own Font of Sorrows.

Details will be forthcoming but your support would be greatly appreciated and would help me gauge the interest for my forthcoming projects.

So remember, Origins booth 422.  Thank Vicki for me, she and her crew made this a possibility!


  1. Ooh, I’d love to go to the fair. I guess I’ll have to wait, though.

  2. Id love to go to the fair the Codex sounds very interesting