Contest: Twitterquest!

Copyright Wizards of the Coast and the ArtistTwo weeks ago I posted about our stockpile of sweet prizes that we’re looking to give away and started a series of contests with the Inquisition about coming up with contest ideas for us to use! In an excellent twist on this contest, we’re actually going to have two winners!

The first winner for our contest-of-contests is: highbulp!

Highbulp was the first to suggest an idea that Dave and I have had floating in limbo for a long time – a Scavenger Hunt on Critical Hits. We were never quite sure how it would go over, but thanks to the comments on the contest post we are going ahead with it and feel that highbulp should be rewarded for being the first to bring it up.

But wait, there’s more! The second winner today is the person who presented the idea for our next contest that starts with this post, Twitterquest! Congratulations to Neuroglyph for this excellent idea:

“Have gamers tweet an entire adventure ‘pitch’ to you (maximum 140 characters obviously), and judge it upon which one can be most taken from tweet text to polished adventure with the minimum of skullsweat. You could call it Twitterquest…”

An excellent idea, so we’re kicking it off…right now!

Here’s how to enter Twitterquest: Submit your best adventure pitch to us in 127 characters or fewer via Twitter, Facebook, or a comment here on this post. Please only one entry per person per venue/site, so you yourself can submit three unique ideas – one on Facebook, one on Twitter, and one in a comment here.

  • Twitter: All you have to do to enter via twitter is follow @criticalhits, then send a message with your entry starting with @criticalhits followed by your entry. Make sure that you’ve included @criticalhits first in your message so we can see it.
  • Facebook: Become a fan of Critical Hits on Facebook and submit your entry by a comment on the post for this on our page, your entry must still be 127 characters or fewer (to make it fair with the twitter folks).
  • Comment on this post: Submit your entry in 127 characters or fewer by leaving a comment on this post, make sure to include a valid e-mail address with your comment so that we can contact you if you win!

The contest will be open for exactly one week starting now and closing at 11:59 pm EST on Friday, May 21st.

Please make your entry on each site unique, if we notice any duplicate postings by people (either by the same method or entering the same idea on all three) it will only count as one entry and you’ll have reduced your chances of winning.

Now on to the good part: the prizes! The Critical Hits staff will be the judges for this contest, once the window for entries is closed we will review them and as a group determine which three adventure ideas we think are the best. There will be one winner per method of entry (Twitter, Facebook, and comments here), with the best entry of those three winning the grand prize!

Grand Prize Package:

Runner-Up Prizes:

We may end up adding even more prizes to these lists as we determine exactly what we have and what we can get a hold of for the contest.

This contest is heavily inspired by The Chatty DM’s 10-word Adventure Contest and his Tell Me About Your PC Twitter Contest. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check those contests out but we will be on the look out for simply reposts from those contests so be as original as you can! Phil’s past contests have gone so well that we can only hope this one will have the same amount of success.

Fine print: We reserve the right to disqualify entries at our sole discretion.


  1. Balseraph says:

    A Cannith artificer seeks to use his Dragonmark to unbind the Draconic Prophecy and destroy the natural order. Stop him.

  2. Frank Reiss says:

    A (human) PC has been crafted by ambitious Cannith artificers in lack of a real child by using a forgotten Creation Forge on Xen’drik.

  3. sidereal says:

    Illithid stole your soul. Reconstruct the 8 pieces of a Far Realm gate key divided among 8 exarchs and go win it back.

  4. Everyone in a city gains arcane powers. This is the world’s natural defense against the Tarrasque about to wake up nearby.

  5. Denubis says:

    Twilight zone: Players tested by good city in morality test around weapon of mass-distruction. They think trapped by evil.

  6. Mephistopheles uses a succubus to manipulate a PC’s brother to overthrow the kingdom – a minor phase of his ultimate plan of killing Asmodeus.
    .-= Tourq´s last blog ..Quetsen Sisten, the Loyal Slave – Steal this Background =-.

  7. Metallic and chromatic dragons try to kill both dragon gods to have Io reborn while cults of Erek-Hus plot to raise it instead
    .-= Glimm the Gnome´s last blog ..Off The Tracks =-.

  8. Starwind1985 says:

    Lich is controling the population via magic item superstore with extremely low prices. Expose the plot and destroy the lich.

  9. Smn hs stln ll th vwls. Cn yr PCs fnd th vlln nd rstr th vwls t thr plc n th lphbt bfr th nxt fll mn? Gd lck!
    .-= greywulf´s last blog ..The Glade =-.

  10. PCs have to find a rare plant to heal an old rich woman, but they meet another group that need it to cure a young poor girl
    .-= Footbridge´s last blog ..Témoignages =-.

  11. PCs are quietly asked by a princess to kidnap her from the castle grounds, and safely take her to her boyfriend (several days away).
    .-= Devious´s last blog ..I’d Hit That =-.

  12. A strange inn in a remote forest actually exists on another plane and the PC’s must try and escape (Hotel California meets D&D)

  13. Eric Brousseau says:

    The son of the King was banished on the far prison on the Frozen Island. He took control and is now planning revenge with the Ice Elves and a necromancer

  14. World of Darkness: D&D style. The PCs adventure in a world where monsters, wizards, and divine magic are all myths.
    .-= Andy´s last blog ..Just To Let You Know… =-.

  15. Deadsmurf says:

    They must hunt-down & decide the fate of a dragon who aided the world 1200 years ago against the will of the draconic council

  16. Marc G. says:

    A Fae Lord has invited you to spend a week in his castle, and every guild wants you to steal something different from it.

  17. TheMainEvent says:

    Nerd website asks readers to come up with contest. PCs compete to reply with snarkiest comment.

  18. Undead gone wild! Can the PCs find the source of the unnatural disturbances in the catacombs before it is too late?

  19. On their quest for a relic, the PCs find themselves pinned down in the dungeon by monsters in search of the same.
    .-= underthepale´s last blog ..Read a book! =-.

  20. Journey to ruined metropolis sends party back in time to the battle that destroyed said city. Will they change history?
    .-= Cory Mcnabb´s last blog ..Beta Impressions: Green Man Gaming =-.

  21. The PCs wake up to find the last encounter/dungeon/adventure repeating infinitely, with subtle differences. Break the timeloop!

  22. Erik Nowak says:

    A wizard trapped in construct body creates metal army for conquest; seeks a rival’s shattered soul fragments for Asmodeus.

  23. A letter from a terrible foe begs your immediate aid. As a bargaining chip they offer information on a long dead lover.

    Bonus points if you can figure out what short story I used as a basis! I plan on writing it up as an adventure at some point so I had it in mind.
    .-= Canageek´s last blog ..An Update to my BRP Advantages =-.

  24. Mark Slack says:

    Evil bard slaver uses prey in macabre underground deathshows. Goal: Gain his trust, expose him. Captured! Now PCs are in show.

  25. PCs find statues of dancing creatures in the woods. Hearing music, they discover a satyr and dryads dancing in a clearing.
    .-= Sarah Darkmagic´s last blog ..Dream a Little Dream of Terror =-.

  26. yesnomu says:

    The gnolls and sahuagin are at war–do the PCs end the devastating conflict or accelerate their self-destruction?

  27. hogman5809 says:

    An ancient dragon gives you a choice: kill a certain elder dragon or he kills you. The elder dragon is an evil god’s pet.

  28. PCs hunt infamous gnoll outlaw and his trained owlbear as they flee through haunted woods. Gnoll sets clever traps to vex PCs.
    .-= metaDM´s last blog ..Eye Candy for D&D Encounters – Session 10 =-.

  29. brain_cloud says:

    Kobolds steal a ridiculously powerful artifact and cause mischief with it – PC’s need to track it down and get it back!

  30. Knolls are attacking caravan PCs protect to acquire a relic the patrons are attempting to sell. Relic can control the knolls.
    .-= B. Lynn´s last blog ..b_s_lynn: @newbiedm Thanks RT @GatorGames: Win a 4e #dnd Dungeon Master Guide 2 @allgeektout Comment or RT to enter! =-.

  31. Terrence van Ettinger says:

    An unnatural darkness covers the PCs’ hometown of Gantrel, and the party sets out to discover its source.

  32. @criticalhits Evil Psionic “Pied Piper’s” all of a town’s children to hold citizens as slaves to his will. Save the children, free the town!

    (Note to judges: kept “@criticalhits” in submission for most accurate character count.)


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