Inq. of the Week: The Original D&D Dilemma?

With the news that Phil the Chatty DM will be moving his blogging activities over to Critical Hits, we’ve gotten a large influx of other excellent writers to help balance out the “chattiness”. In our previous Inquisition we were looking for which regular features or posts you enjoy seeing on the site, so if you didn’t vote please go back to last week’s poll and have your say. We may be cutting some of the less popular posts or doing them less frequently based on your feedback. Certainly if we stop doing something regularly, and you miss it, just let us know!

At the moment Product Reviews are the most popular, with Editorials in a close second and Game Advice/Tips not too far behind in third. Behind those the weekly twitter compilation Critical Bits and the Inquisitions were voted for but just below 50% of you. If there was a last place in the poll, it would go to YouTube Tuesdays with 21%, so if you’re a fan of them and haven’t voted you can still have a say and possibly keep them around!

Last Thursday one of our new guest authors, the most excellent Matt James, wrote a short piece about the classes in the first versions of D&D and how they developed into the roles we have today in 4th Edition. A lot of discussion happened in the comments of that post, but it led me to create this week’s Inquisition where we can find out precisely which of the oldest classes was most popular.

[poll id=”153″]

I know that the Thief was not in the first boxed set and came out later, and that there is much debate on exaclty which classes were first, but let this poll be your sounding board and feel free to discuss further in the comments!