Critical Hits 4th Blogiversary

Art by Jared von Hindman /

Art by Jared von Hindman - Head Injury Theater

So yeah, we’ve been doing this for roughly 4 years now.

I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, but Danny and myself did want to send out a big thanks to all our readers. Our biggest joy of the year has to be our Ennie nomination for Best Website. Even though we didn’t win, we still greatly appreciate it, so thanks to the judges for nominating us and all you out there that voted for us. A close second was being complimented by Wil Wheaton on his blog, while rolling initiative against him via twitter. This was the same year when Tycho from Penny-Arcade told us he had read us as well. All in all, a pretty damn good year.

On to the stats!

Basic Stats

  • Highest number of RSS feed subscribers: 1682
  • Total Pageviews in the past year: 502,252
  • Unique Visitors in the past year: 192,316
  • Total number of posts: 1323
  • Total number of comments: 9224
  • Total number of different comment names: 1077
  • Total spam blocked: 97,661

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Top 5 Authors and 1 Robot By Post Count

Top 5 Commenters

  • The Game (1,115)
  • Bartoneus (1,038)
  • Reverend Mike (459)
  • TheMainEvent (365)
  • joshx0rfz (308)

Top 5 Non-Author Commenters

  • Reverend Mike (459)
  • Graham (279)
  • The Chatty DM (133)
  • Abe (94)
  • Tonester (73)

Top 5 Countries

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Germany

Top 5 US States

  • California
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Florida
  • Washington

Worst State

  • South Dakota (it shifted south this year)

Top 5 Referrers

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Top Search Keywords out of 46,217

  • Critical Hits
  • Watchmen Babies
  • D&D Character Builder
  • Dungeon Delve
  • Twilight Imperium Strategy

Bottom 2 Search Keywords

  • “we’re all gonna die. the only question is how you check out. do you want go on your feet? or on your f-g knees… begging? well i ain’t much for begging! and nobody ever gave me nothing! so i say f- that thing! let’s fight it!”
  • zaratan d&d info

Funniest Search Keywords

  • horny animal preparing women for animal sex
  • adults wii fit add sex to activity log
  • andy collins pants
  • how to use napkins during periods naked photos
  • porn tattoo for old guys with poor eyesight (+18)
  • how to host an orgy and what games to play
  • gnome blowing orc
  • f**king hate critical hits

Favorite Posts This Year As Chosen By Us

Top Monster Riding Another Monster

That’s it! Thanks for reading.

Edited to add: They’re Using Tools made this awesome graphic to wish us a happy birthday!

About Dave

Dave "The Game" Chalker is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Critical Hits. Since 2005, he has been bringing readers game news and advice, as well as editing nearly everything published here. He is the designer of the Origins Award-winning Get Bit!, a freelance designer and developer, son of a science fiction author, and a Master of Arts. He lives in MD with e, their three dogs, and two cats.


  1. Woohoo! What an awesome four years it has been, thanks to all of our readers, commenters, and contributors!

  2. Congratulations!
    .-= Thursday Bram´s last blog ..Prototyping a new game =-.

  3. Classy and congrats!

    Love the inclusion of the random search keywords. You guys are lucky. The weirdest one I’ve ever gotten doesn’t hold a candle to “Gnome Blowing Orcs”
    :thumbs up:

  4. Oh man, did I laugh at the keyword thing.

    Happy blogiversary!

    *scramble to own Google Analytics*
    .-= Yax´s last blog ..Dungeon Mastering hiring artists and writers =-.

  5. Happy 4th Anniversary! Great work guys.

  6. 4x Congratulations! Very well done.
    .-= Saragon´s last blog ..A Gauntlet Thrown Down (Over Goblins), Part 1 =-.

  7. damn, no category for biggest comment troll?! I would have dominated that Sh*T!

    anyway, yeah trying to ruin you guys with my “f**king hate critical hits” search didnt work… ill get you and your little dog too!

    but seriously… viva la CH!

  8. I’m somewhat impressed with myself!

    Add one to my total, and happy blogiversary!
    .-= Graham´s last blog ..CriticalAnkleBites and ChattyDM pretend to be journalists =-.

  9. Thanks everyone!

    I think our personal favorite random search term of the moment is “andy collins pants”.

    @Jared: I’m actually surprised you haven’t gotten worse searches than that, considering the content of your site. 😀

    @Steve: You’re the best comment troll evar!

  10. OriginalSultan says:

    Wow, 4 years already. Hard to believe. I’ll try and write more this year, I promise!

  11. Happy 4th Bday, Critical Hits. I’ve always found your site a great source for interesting RPG topics and (as of late) 4ED pointers. Hope you all have an even more successful next year.
    .-= Geek Ken´s last blog ..One page dungeon goodness with a helping of a module template =-.

  12. Congrats guys. Well-deserved and I’m sure it will only grow.