Congratulations to Obsidian Portal and Kobold Quarterly

09nomineeThe winners of the 2009 Ennies for Best Website, Kobold Quarterly took the silver and Obsidian Portal took the gold. Congratulations to them both: while I would have loved to have won, they both definitely deserve it. I read Kobold Quarterly whenever I get a chance, and I used Obsidian Portal extensively for my last D&D 3.5 campaign (and planning on using it more) and it really is awesome. Plus, Micah from Obsidian Portal bought us lunch, taking the sting off. So congratulations to them both. And congratulations to all the winners of every category!

It seemed that everyone in the category was in agreement that “Best Website” was too catch-all, since clearly what we do and what Obsidian Portal does and what Dungeon-A-Day does are all very, very different things. A “best RPG blog” category vs. a “best website” is a bit closer which still would have put us up against Mad Brew Labs, and probably some of our esteemed colleagues like Gnome Stew, and RPG Bloggers members like Chatty DM. There has also been the suggestion about splitting between free websites and pay websites, though the two winners both have very useful free sections, so it would have to be given some more distinctions. Anyway, I know that we have some awesome judges (mostly new) for the next Ennies year, so hopefully they recognize the value and growth of websites and blogs and do something cool next year.

So we did want to extend our heartfelt thanks to those who did vote for us and support us, and maybe we’ll have better luck next year. And I did promise one thing:


The puppy is sad. The totally real tear proves it.

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  1. As blogs, podcasts, and magazines fulfill similar roles, I’d combine them in to one “Media” category. Then web sites like Dungeon-A-Day and Obsidian Portal could get an “Online Services” or “Web Accessories” category.
    .-= David´s last blog ..Those Pesky Humans =-.

  2. CH not winning makes me a saaaaad panda

  3. What are the rules about reentering in subsequent years? Yet again, “websites” are different than published books in that the content can be updated. I can see “Best Blog” being a category where CH, Gnome Stew, DungeonMastering, Chatty, and others just get nominated year after year, each vying to have been the best for the past 12 months. Heck, that’s what the book publishers do.

    It was great meeting you guys πŸ™‚


  1. […] to all our readers. Our biggest joy of the year has to be our Ennie nomination for Best Website. Even though we didn’t win, we still greatly appreciate it, so thanks to the judges for nominating us and all you out there […]