YouTube Tuesday: Elite Gamemaster Edition

In honor of meeting Doug Douglason this past weekend, I present to you a rebroadcast of a classic video called “Fear of Girls.” If it tickled your fancy (or something else) then check out the sequels and more in their YouTube channel.

Pics 141

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  1. Classic! Was Raymond there too? Man, I wish they would release episodes more regularly. They need a good website with ads on them so they can film more often.
    .-= kaeosdad´s last blog ..34 Step Sandbox: Getting Started =-.

  2. Didn’t see Raymond, but was “treated” to an explanation of Douglas’s homebrew RPG system. Apparently he spent a lot of time pitching it to a variety of companies at GenCon.

  3. I wonder if that’s part of the next episode…
    .-= kaeosdad´s last blog ..34 Step Sandbox: Getting Started =-.

  4. His pitch and talking to him briefly was definitely one of the funniest parts of GenCon for me.

  5. Doug-Doug is played by actor Tom Lommel, and has some great gaming posts at his site He’s also got a starring role in the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie. Starring as an extra, that is.

  6. Wait, actor, wha?