Two Words to Convince You to Buy Kobold Quarterly #10

147Gelantinous Cubes.

We don’t have to tell you that Kobold Quarterly is great, or that it’s been nominated for 3 Ennies (though it’s going down in the Best Website category!), or that it includes tons of material for both 3.5 players (with a preview of Pathfinder) and 4e player.  We don’t have to tell you about the interview with game designer Jeff Grubb that talks about the genesis of several famous D&D settings as well as other history and game design advice from one of the greats. We don’t even have to sell you on the Nevermet Press collaboration that includes even more skill challenges for your game, or Monte Cook’s article about enjoying both old school and new school games.

All we have to tell you is the name of an article: “Secrets of the Gelatinous Cube.” 

That not enough? Within that article you’ll find information about “cubists”, those collectors obsessed with the care and feeding of Gelatinous Cubes. You’ll find information about shaping cubes into other shapes (like the round Gelatinous Cube I unleashed on my party during an homage to Temple of Doom). You’ll even find information about the greatest/nastiest subjects of all: Gelatinous Reproduction.

So if you looked back at the 3e Arms & Equipment guide and thought, “Hey, a saddle to ride a Gelatinous Cube would be pretty sweet”, or if you believe all the facts about Gelatinous Cubes, or even if you just believe they’re not a dumb monster and are quite deadly when parties stumble into them, you too will want this issue of KQ and declare yourself a cubist.


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  1. Gelatinous Cube Facts for the win.

    “Chuck Norris once defeated a gelatinous cube by pouring lighter fluid on his boots, striking a match, and then roundhouse kicking it back to Hades.”
    .-= Dyson Logos´s last blog ..[Shadow Chronicles] 1st Lieutenant Dara Van Holme, Zentraedi Veritech Pilot =-.

  2. Oozes? You just convinced me not to buy it. Way to go Dave 🙁
    .-= Wyatt´s last blog ..A Punishment Ill Fit (III) =-.

  3. Very nice review and overview. I will have to purchase this….I may just subscribe.


  4. Nope, I’m afraid that I’m not convinced. Mainly because I already have a subscription but still… 😉

  5. Dave even drives a cube (Psion)! It’s starting to border on a creepy fascination I think…

  6. Wohoo! Thanks for the bump dave!
    .-= jonathan´s last blog ..I am a gamer… The Final Post =-.


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