The Compiled List of One Page Dungeon Entries

I know that many of you have clamored to see all the entries for the awesomely popular One-Page Dungeon Contest that concluded last week. However, before we can even think of publishing them (and more importantly how and how many), we need to go through each and every entry and judge them.

However, I thought that some would find it interesting to see a list of participants and the name of their entry.

So here it is! A list of all 112 contest entries!

A note to participants, if your name does not figure on this list, please contact me at so we can investigate.

Name Entry Name
Aaron Broder Into the Abyss
Adam Thornton Megadungeon of the Mad Archamage Gary Stu, Level 5
Alex Schröder Water Temple
Andrew Durston Cemetery Hill
Andrew Gale Valley of the Necromancer Kings
Andrew Trent The Sunken Temple Of Arn
Antti Hulkkonen Arendt’s Old Peculiar
Aurus Evil Inside
Beerd-Jan Eibrink The defiled temple of Valkauna
Ben McFarland The Fallen Nephillim: Bones of the Earth
Bob Everson The Soul Harvester
Bret Smith The Dwarven Hall
Brian Murphy Tomb of Song
Brian Simons Temple of Corruption
Buzz Burgess There Are No Tails in Zamboanga
Carl Doubek Beneath the Tower of the Templars
CC Chamberlain The Poseidon Adventure
Chris Cumming Subterranean Fecundity
Chris Longhurst The Lair of Ostanzibal Yent
Chris Torrence Traps-R-US
Christopher Brackett The Grey Goblin Warrens
Christopher Gesiel The Lost Mine
Dan Roy The Trap Room
Dan Wesely Paym’s Wheel
Daniel Cowan Inside the Iron Beast
David Alexander Cranbow Cradle
David Kot Desert Dungeon
David Nett The Chapel of Fire
Deforest Piper Necropolis of Thynool
Dustin Karls Death From Below
Dyson Logos The Tomb of Dûrahn Oakenshield
Elijah Elder The Tomb of Echozar
Erin Bisson Earthflame
Fabiano Neme Prison Tomb of the Outer God
Gabriel/UruDnD Shrine of the Rodent God
Gary McCammon The Vareh’gra Depths
Gary S. Watkins The Clockwork Crypt
Gregory Oakes Wrecker’s Cave
Greywulf White Room
Hans Holm The Ingrid Pit
Helena Lau The Adventure of the Four Elements
Heron Prior Cry of the Gravegod
J Zamzow Tomb of the Unhallowed Bride
Jakob Törmä Ruhl The “Resurrected” Village
James Hutchings Nevermind the Wilderness
James Raggi The Infinite Tower
Jason Remore The Gravity Well
Jay Clowes Kraken’s Assault
Jay Vandendool Ruined Dwarven Artificer Lab and Temple
Jim Adams Pitt’s Pits
John Hitzfelder Entombed City of Zud Sida
John Laviolette Shrine of the Savage Jungle
John M. Stater Citadel of the Dust Devils
Jonathan Lee The Great Cloud Caper
Joshua Macy Ghoul Shrine
Justin Alexander Halls of the Mad Mage
Kevin Peden The lost tomb of Jarmun-Riis
Kirk Stone Coastal Caves
Kris Newton Chapel of Priapus
Lee barber Ruffthroat RathSkeller
Loonook The Nigh Infinite Dungeon
Lord Kilgore The Crumbling Dungeon
MacGuffin Zoo of Death
Marc Mancuso The Tortured Pet Pits of Novortos
Mark Allen The Singing Cave
Mark hermann A ghastly Vinter
Mark Lawrence Prozylim’s Labyrinth
Mark Thomas The Serpent Temple_The Lost Tomb
Markus Brixius Terror of the Songhaunt Crypt
Michael Brewer Vapors of Colossal Death.
Michael Fahy Below the Crumbling Stair
Michael Phillips The Dweller Beneath
Michael Tumey lair of shaothbuul the savant aboleth
Michael Wolf The Horror of Leatherbury House
Mike Martino Watch your Ass!
MJ Harnish Pilsholme
Moritz_momehlem The Mythtical Temple of Darkness
Nick Witchey A Few of My Favorite Things
Octavio Ribeiro Dawn’s Haven
Owen Cooper Strange Loops
Patrick Riley MAZE OF NAMCAP
Paul Barry I was a King Here Once
Ragnal DuBrow Under Contruction
Rene L. Blake The Lost Staves of Maurath
Rick Ray Vampire’s of Doom
Rob Hewlett Ruins of the Old School
Rob Lang The Green Oyster: Ognrt’s Goblin Nightclub Dungeon
Robert Peacock Abernathy’s Antiquarium
Robert Pinell The Nest
Robert Sandlan The Proving Grounds
Ryan Shelton Tomb of the Sea Wraith
Sam Kisko The Barnacle Cave
Sanae Rosen The Paradise of Avtranin
Sean Morris The Foetid Pit Beneath the Abdandoned Shrine
Sean Wills Mountain Lair of the Misanthropic Magus
Seth Barnard The Final Lesson
Shawn Harris The Haunted Hulk
Simon Bull Secrets of the Old City
Steve Polasky The Sea Goddess Tower
Stuart Robertson The Ancient Academy
Teo Kai Xiang The Ruined temple of Wild Arcana
Thomas Ragsdale The Last Defense
Tim Hensley The Omenous Portent of the Highlands Meteor
Tom Baumbach The Well of Wounded Souls
Tommy/Rock Viper Mollie’s Roadhouse
Doc Holaday The Summoner’s Cave
Tyler Mason The Wreck of Lord Niklas
Walkerp/Conan MineCo 3000 Uranium Ore Extraction Complex
Will Hopkins The Smugglers’ Caverns
Wyatt Salazar The Locked Library of Somi Bodleian
Zachary Houghton The Hidden Temple of the Founders

I don’t know about you,but just reading the names of some of these dungeons gives me adventure ideas.

This contest has been beyond cool and I’m having fun judging the entries (I’ve done a few today and hope to do about 5-10 a day).  We’ll get back to you with an estimated date for the announcement of the winning entries.  Right now I want to give my fellow judges time to enjoy their memorial weekends.

Have a great week!


  1. Awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing more of these one-page dungeons! 🙂

    If anyone wants to check out The Ancient Academy, you can download it from here:

    Stuarts last blog post..Gaming on the Right Side of the Brain

  2. If you want, I can hot-link your entry in the list.

    In fact anyone who posted their dungeon online are free to do so (I’ll later provide a place where my good friend Alex is willing to host them for those who don’t have websites).

  3. Yeah – that’d be cool. Anyone who wants to share their dungeons should post a link in the comments as well. 🙂

    Stuarts last blog post..Gaming on the Right Side of the Brain

  4. That gives me the idea that maybe I should post mine too. Maybe with a higher resolution version of the map bundled with it as well. I’ll see if I have the photoshop files around…

    Wyatts last blog post..New blog for fiction

  5. As I’ve said before on Twitter I would love to see all these one-page dungeons released. By the way, feel free to add the link to my entry:

    Stargazers last blog post..Random musings

  6. I’ve posted mine up, here.

  7. Updated! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for participating!

  8. Really cool list! Man, there are some intriguing names in there. I can’t wait for the whole bundle. What a great idea!

    Chapel of Priapus 😮

  9. My entry can now be found here, along with a D&D 4th Edition stat card for Somi, the locked lady of the library, and a decent (non-dithered) map, in a convenient 860 kb zip file.

    Wyatts last blog post..The Locked Library of Somi Bodleian

  10. MoonlapseVertigo says:

    I’ll try to get mine up as soon as possible. Really enjoying the ones I’ve seen.

  11. MoonlapseVertigo says:

    okay, hopefully this will work this time. of the Gravegod.pdf

  12. @Greywulf: Awesome idea! Kinda reminds me of the X-Men Danger Room gone bad 😉

    Stargazers last blog post..Random musings

  13. Telecanter says:
  14. Updated! Damn, this is turning out better than I expected.

  15. @Stargazer Thanks! I ran it for my group and they had a wild time writing all sorts of bizarre things. They did themselves more damage that I ever could 😀

  16. Bummer, I left the island for vacation before turning in an entry… ah well, looking forward to seeing everyone elses works. Are you guys going to put up all the entries for d/l?

    Maybe a single 112 pg. pdf? That’d be rad. I’ve checked out a couple of the entries so far and they look really awesome.

    kaeosdads last blog post..Appendix Newb

  17. Adam Thornton says:

    Mine (“The Megadungeon of the Mad Archmage Gary-Stu — Level 5: Crypt”) can be found at:


  18. Colmarr says:

    Ok, just read one of the entries (won’t say which one so as not to prejudice the judges). Woah! That thing is suitable for publication as a full module. It’s beyond awesome as a one-page dungeon (in fact I have no idea how they managed to cram that much information in).

  19. Here is a cleaned up and branded version of my adventure.

    R. Lawrence Blakes last blog post..My One Page Dungeon

  20. Howdy. I just posted my dungeon entry “The Poseidon Adventure” so you can hotlink it:

    I agree that you should post all entries. Your condition that entries are released with a CC license means that you could do so rather easily, I’d think. I don’t know about the other entrants, but I’d also be open to granting a nonexclusive commercial license to you in order to create a printed volume of all entries through lulu or something, too.

  21. I’m just glad I managed to get an entry thrown together at the last minute. I’ve written loads in the past about how I hate dungeons and mapping in general but I think I could get used to this sort of style. Nothing too major and the maps can’t be too big.

    Now to get my thinking cap on for something that might actually win a prize if there’s ever a repeat of this competition 🙂

    Bobs last blog post..I Just Thought I’d Check In.

  22. I’m loving going through all of these.

    That said, here’s where mine is hosted (The Tomb of Daruhn Oakenshield)

    Dyson Logoss last blog post..[Adventure] The Tomb of Daruhn Oakenshield

  23. I put my entry up here; apologies for the late comment, it’s been a hectic few days …

  24. Good morning all! I’m floored to see such positive reception from you all. Thanks for sharing your entries.

    I’ve updated the list.

    Now I need to dive back in judging them!

  25. Let’s see…

    Arendts_old_peculiar_v2.pdf 921.9 Kb

    Here it is!


  26. If things keep up like this, we may have a ‘fan’s favorite’ award after all 🙂

  27. Okay, I’m getting in on the early sharing action.

    Maybe my out of genre submission will garner my “dungeon” a bit of attention given the highly competitive field here!

    walkerps last blog post..Board statistics

  28. The Water Temple is here:

    Alex Schröders last blog post..Comments on Old School Affordances

  29. Owen Cooper says:
  30. Keep them coming! I’m sure that readers appreciate it, my stats tell me that most entries got about 50 hits each yesterday. So there’s no mistaking the huge demand for it.

    I’m sorry if I don’t comment on so and so entries, as I must remain removed from the discussion until I’m done (I’ve about 16 done so far).

    Best of luck to all! And feel free to discuss entries and start lauding kudos on your favorite ones!

  31. Mountain Lair of the Misanthropic Magus

    is here:

  32. mine’s here:
    prepare to start squinting

  33. And my meager little entry as well:

  34. I’ve been reading some other peoples’ entries, and I’ve enjoyed them all. So far, my favorites are:

    * Cry of the Gravegod – Some really original details, and a setting that evokes a world very well.

    * The Tomb of Dûrahn Oakenshield – Disciplined restraint gives this one a more realistic feel, good for a low-fantasy campaign.

    * The Horror of Leatherbury House – I’m a sucker for “Call of Cthulhu” style investigation, and this one nails the feel of the canonical starter adventure in the “Call of Cthulhu” rules.

    Some other high points: I liked the room bisected by crystal in the “Strange Loops” dungeon. “The Dweller Beneath” is a close second to the Leatherbury House in terms of horror potential, and the spheres and depressions are a nice, subtle way of directing the party to where you want them to go without railroading them. And I really liked seeing the “Shrine of the Kuo-Toa” invoked in “Water Temple.”

    I haven’t read all the entries linked above yet, but so far, every dungeon I’ve read has had something to recommend it. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

    CCs last blog post..My "One Page Dungeon" entry

  35. My entry, The Foetid Pit Beneath the Abandoned Shrine, is available at: .



  36. Here’s the entry from Jay Vandendool. It’s located on

    Suddrys last blog post..One Page Dungeon Submission

  37. Please have a look at Valley of the Necromancer Kings. It’s worth it.

  38. There are some really good entry links above. If I HAD to choose one right now I’d say that Cry of the Gravegod really jumps out at me. Hard choice though.

  39. So, wow! I just want to give the ChattyDM a preemptive Thanks! because it’s going to take lots of patience and time to get through all of those entries.

    By the way, here’s the link to my entry via my personal blog:

    And good luck to everyone because this is already a hard decision from the one’s I’ve seen so far!!

    -Seth Barnard

    Seth Barnards last blog post..The Final Lesson: A One Page Dungeon

  40. Gary S. Watkins says:

    Here is the link to my short little adventure:
    Sorry, the map is a little crude — old school, hand drawn. I’ll have to figure out how to use photoshop or gimp one of these days. Comments are always welcome!

  41. I’ve updated the list with all new links. This is becoming quite a resource!

  42. MoonlapseVertigo says:

    There’s some great stuff in here, but I’m still wishing more people would post their entries. There are some intriguing titles on there I’m curious to actually see. (like the dreaded dungeon of “Watch Your Ass!” )

  43. Here’s my One Page Dungeon, Ruined Temple of Wild Arcana:

    lol, after I read through my entry again, I realized I should have named it Ruined Academy of Wild Arcana.

    TKXapathys last blog post..My One Page Dungeon

  44. Toxidyne says:

    Given how good the other entries are, I’m a bit embarrased to post mine. However, here it is:

  45. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You made the effort to hand it in and we appreciate it.

  46. Good gravy! No one should be embarrassed by these. These are all remarkable and fun. Kudos to all.

  47. I’ve just posted my entry to my blog:

    A Rust Monster Ate My Sword: OPDC Entry

  48. Thanks Chris.

    I updated the list!

  49. Heres mine for those interested.

    The files here

    And the blog post that went with it is here

    Bobs last blog post..March RPG Bloggers Carnival Roundup!

  50. Here is my entry,

    I Was King Here Once

    Some King’s Kent

  51. These are some really amazing dungeons! I have almost filled a moleskine notepad with ideas based off of various entries! Everyone has presented a great entry! Kudos! And Hats off to ChattyDM for judging them all amidst everything else he’s doing! Thanks!

    Seths last blog post..In Memory of David Carradine

  52. Curious, I have done three of these and would love to have mine included in any subsequent compilation that is produced. I realize I wouldn’t be eligible for the contest, but I would just like to share my stuff with anyone. Is this possible, maybe Too-Slow-to-Compete section?
    .-= snikle´s last blog ..Kumquat anyone? =-.

  53. @snikle: We don’t plan to publish non-contest entries. However, feel free to put them up on some file hosting site and link to them from here.

  54. ApolloKioku says:

    I apologize for taking so long to post…
    My contest submission, “Carruth Rock – Research Wing”, is available here:

    Awesome contest. Great contributions by everyone!

  55. Please note that Judging of the contest was completed this morning and we shall announce the winners next Wednesday!

    Thank you all for participating! I’m floored by how successful this thing has been!

  56. Hi, I uploaded mine to

    .-= Gabriel´s last blog ..One Page Dungeon Contest =-.

  57. Just in case you’re still updating the list:

    I’ve moved my entry to another site (Orbitfiles started asking for money to keep links active). ‘Arendt’s Old Peculiar’ is currently available here:


  58. I finally uploaded “Under Construction” to Scribd:

    Thanks for the contest and a fun reason to put something together!

  59. The Halls of the Mad Mage can be found on my website:
    .-= Justin Alexander´s last blog ..The Halls of the Mad Mage =-.


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