Chatty Bits: Deadlands Ideas

(This discussion actually happened, I have edited some part to make it into a better story)

As I was planning my bi-monthly game, my IM chat windows pops up.

RFJ: Question for you Ô chatty one.

Chatty: I’ll try to answer Ô (name censored for security purposes)

RFJ: Many thanks. If you are a voodoo wieldin’ rail baron that’s running tight on cash how do you go about getting your hands on some?

Chatty (Feeling smartass): You start a temporal timeshare on a transdimensional vacation train. Since it exists everywhere in the continuum, you have unlimited locative space.  And you can always shovel the overheads to some other dimension’s version of your Baron

RFJ: Err,  it’s for Deadlands, btw.

(I don’t know much about that game, but I do know the history of the far west so what the hell)

Chatty DM: Ah…Damn… If your Baron yields Voodoo powers, have him curse the war-bound husbands of wealthy families.  Then have Baron Samedi blackmail the wives to alleviate the effects of said curses.  Better?

RFJ: Awesome. Per usual, you are a font of genius. (No editting here, honest!)

Chatty:A nd if you are truly evil, the curse only makes the men slightly weaker than usual. Then have your Baron you actually sell charms to the wives to to make their husbands stronger!  Hence you create a growing and loyal customer base to exploit on the long run.

Chatty: And get the guy from Sham Wow to be your baron’s sidekick!

RFJ: Sham Wow, oh man!

Chatty: That’s pure NPC material, waiting to be exploited.

RFJ: True. Vince Shlomi is his name. How awesome is that name?

Chatty: Yeah, totally… and make him a leech in your game… your players will love it!

RFJ: Thanks Ô chatty one

Chatty: Anytime… as payment I may turn this chat into a blogpost some day .

RFJ: Feel free! Look forward to seeing it.

I love doing that!  If I could make a job out of it I’d do this all day long 🙂  Feel free to drop in on me. I’m phil.a.menard on Gtalk.

Have a good one!


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, as neither history nor Deadlands are particular strong points of mine… But I believe Deadlands takes place in the 1870s, and the civil war ended in 1865. So which war would these wealthy husbands be bound for?

    I only know that because I’ve been researching my own setting in the same time period…

    Asmors last blog post..Treasures & Trinkets: Firearms

  2. That’s what I get for not checking my historical facts. I didn’t know when exactly Deadlands was set. Then again, this is a parallel world Horror/Steampunk/Far West type of game so any kind of war could crop up.

  3. If the Baron is TRULY evil, he would curse the war-bound husband and then marry the wealthy widow. When she suffers some “unexpected” calamity, he starts over.

    Vulcan Stevs last blog post..Little Dutch Can… a Setting for Your Game?

  4. Actually, I’m pretty sure that part of the Deadlands setting is that the Civil War never quite ended, and a more-or-less permanent cease-fire is in effect between the North and South.

    If you hadn’t said you were unfamiliar with Deadlands, I never would have guessed you were.