Bonus YouTube: MonstROUS Manual Edition

Just had to post this up as soon as I saw it. A music video walk through many classic D&D monsters… though more from the Monstrous Manual days than the Monster Manual days. If you ever wanted to hear somebody sing about a Beholder, this is the music video for you. Press info about the video after the cut.

About Mixel Pixel:
Mixel Pixel, the spooky, lo-fi, art pop trio and multimedia collective from Brooklyn, come at you in 2009 with their highly anticipated 6th album, THE MALL. With a show 10 years in the making, Kanine recording artist, Mixel Pixel, create sensory bending sounds and sights with their eclectic mix of casio pop, video game samples, tape loops, and folk music accompanied by video projections. Mixel Pixel accompanied Of Montreal on their last tour and has shared the stage with Grizzly Bear, Man Man, Ra Ra Riot, Chairlift, and We Are Wolves.

About Dan Meth:
Dan Meth is an award-winning cartoon director, writer, and animator. He recently created two highly acclaimed original web-series; “The Meth Minute 39” and “Nite Fite.” You can see all his work at Meth currently resides in Brooklyn, NYC.

About $99 Music Videos:
$99 Music Videos, is an original series that debuts original music videos from selected emerging musicians and filmmakers, who work together to create high-quality original music videos for budgets of $99 or less. The result is that each week, $99 Music Videos will premiere an original $99 music video along with a making-of video to show how the filmmakers and band made such a cool video for $99.

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  1. Thanks for posting the video! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Plus it’s educational, like casually stating that Beholders live underground. Not all kids know that kind of stuff!

    At first I was a bit iffy on the music and animation, but then it sucked me in and I really started liking it by the end.