Inq. of the Week: Social Networking

With over 300 people responding (even after going a few days without a “none” option), we have the results of the question: what 4e books have you bought? The first three are obvious: 92% of respondants have the PHB, 85% have the DMG, and 84% have the MM. After that is where the results get interesting, with 57% saying that they’ve bought Adventurer’s Vault for all the magic item goodness (and vehicles, and alchemy…). 5th place went to Martial Power for all the butt-kicking exploits therein. The delayed Dungeon Delve was the least popular book, probably because only a select few of us have it, and it doesn’t have the OMG WANT factor of the PHB2 that drives us to pre-order.

This week is just another question about getting to know you. In fact, it’s about what you use to get others to know you, and to get to know others! 

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I find Facebook increasingly creeping back into my life, especially with the rash of meme-tagging that has broken out. I’m just thankful that I’ve never really enjoyed playing the games there (except for a brief flirtation with Tiny Adventures during the always-crashed era), or else I might be tempted to leave the window open even more. 

So, how about you? And how much do you use social networks, and what for? Have you ever found new gamers because of one? Inquisiting minds want to know!

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  1. is always great for meeting gamers. 🙂 Well, and people who share other interests. We do have other interests… right?

    Geek’s Dream Girl´s last post: By Popular Demand: The Poll for People With Wayyy Lots of RPG Books

  2. To my shame, I have been on Facebook for some time and a number of others before that point. I do make a point of moving over and leaving them behind though.

    I think Facebook is just part of our culture these days; anyone who is anyone (or anything) needs to at least have a presence that you can add to your ‘fans of’ list…

    Prince of Cats´s last post: A quick one…

  3. TheMainEvent says:

    I definitely have used Facebook for the purposes of ‘highlighting’ selected interests that are compatible with women I’m interested in. And it works.

    Then again, I have no shame.

  4. I am on Facebook. I regularly visit at least one Ning site. I’m also on Twitter.

    I have found that posting updates to my blog at Twitter it actual increases traffic.

    Vulcan Stev´s last post: Game Night 2-22-09

  5. I’m mostly just on facebook. Classy, useful, more-is-less mentality. Been on it for… years now? Probably 2-3. I get email notifications to tell me when I should check it, and then I stop by maybe an extra once a week. I’ve got friends all over. Almost never use it for anything related to gaming. Don’t think I ever have!

  6. None! And proud of it.

    David´s last post: Wizards Plans Changes for Magic Core Set Releases

  7. LinkedIn. I also use StumbleUpon mostly as a tool for sending links to friends, so it sort of qualifies, too. I’ve thus far successfully fought against joining Facebook.

  8. I’m on Facebook and MySpace… I hardly use the first one, the second sees nearly no use…

    I do love Twitter though…

    other than that, I’m on LibraryThing, Goodreads, Digg, Delicious, Flickr and YouTube… I’m on the internet way too much for it to be healthy…

  9. Cooperflood says:

    I’ll second the vote. Lots of Boardgame meetups in my area, an invaluable resource.


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