D&D XP 2009: No news is… no news

Maybe it’s just me being arrogant (it happens a lot), but I gotta say, the quality of journalism for coverage of this year’s D&D XP convention is way lower than last year. By this time last year, I had already written up the entire new products seminar, and others had been liveblogging, conducting interviews, etc. I’ve barely heard anything from the convention, despite my pleas.

The only solid info we have is about the miniatures- check out the product shots on Hordelings for pictures of the new, semi-random monster sets and examples of the new minis. Quick opinion is that they’re better looking than the last few sets have been but still not up to the higher standard of previous sets.

Anyway, if you’ve got any tips or scoops about the convention going on now, please let us know!

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  1. Radio Free Hommlet has a recording of the whole products seminar up on their podcast, but I agree, very little press this year.

    DM Tim of Radio Free Hommlet´s last post: Adventure 14 – DDXP 2009 Product Announcements

  2. Is there a huge need for coverage this year? Seems to me that there is justifiably less hoopla.

    Last year it was a first shot to try 4e. Now it’s not and I don’t recall DDXP being a con of big surprises in the past. It’s just a fun con to go to and play D&D.

    Jeff Greiner´s last post: The Tome Ep 95: Manual of the Planes

  3. Just looking at RPG Bloggers and various message boards, its been whisper-quiet. Just folks gaming and having fun–no bombshells, I guess.

    Zachary Houghton´s last post: Whitehall ParaIndustries

  4. This ENWorld thread has some scans of the character sheets at the delve.

    Charles Tan´s last post: February 2, 2009 Links and Plugs

  5. The entire midwest was hit by a terrible winter storm that left about half a million people with power and wrecked the roads. About 30% of the preregistered attendees did not make it to the show, and there were hardly any walk-ins. Less people means less news. However, there were more people preregistered than ever before.

    The new core special is awesome and REALLY hard. The phb2 pre-gens were a lot of fun in the delve. I got to chat with Stephen Radley McFarlane and Mike Mearls about phb2. It was a blast. DM Rewards are going to include free adventures and exclusive dungeon tiles so long as a DM judges 5 adventures in 6 months. Cons are going to have exclusive adventures in which adventuring companies can compete for bragging rights.

  6. Thanks for the update, Barbican! Nobody else seems to be talking about the DM rewards, so that’s a scoop right there.

    And ENWorld has posted a lot of the details of the PHB2 pre-gen characters: http://www.enworld.org/forum/site-news/249744-monday-2-february-2009-a.html