New Feature: Character Race Reference

Another week, another feature from us here at Critical Hits. This time, it’s a list of PC races and the attributes they are known for. This of course goes nicely with our feature on character classes when planning your next character.

We only have one more idea for a feature for the time being… so if you think of anything that you want to see, be sure to let us know.

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  1. Sweet resources Dave. BTW, never knew your dad was the Well of Souls dude. Neat.

    Do you have Open Grave? Any good?

    Johnn Four´s last post: How Much Campaign Do You Plan Before Start?

  2. Thanks, Johnn.

    Open Grave is a great book, probably better than Draconomicon (which I also really enjoyed). Hoping to put together a full review this week.

  3. That sounds very promising, because I thought Draconomicon was great. Good timing too – the PCs just let a rift to the Shadowfell be formed and all kinds of things are pouring out – a bookful, perhaps.

    Johnn Four´s last post: My Campaign Planning Cycle

  4. “The rift tears open, shimmering with dark energy emanating the foul stench of death. You see 230 pages of undead and death related material pour forth into the material plane…”

  5. Correction: Dwarfs are Tough and Wise.

  6. My humble blog got linked to by Critical Freaking Hits (link at the bottom of the Character Race Reference)?!? Wow.

    That explains the traffic surge I had Monday 🙂

    Gregor LeBlaque´s last post: The Stony Black Heart of the Fetid Swamp, Part 1

  7. Danny and I were talking about this yesterday: If that’s the kind of reaction we get just by linking, we’ll have to link to other blogs more often 🙂

  8. Well, at my poor little blog a traffic surge is 80 views/day instead of 30-40. I’m kinda surprised you guys linking me wasn’t a little more like being slashdotted.

    Gregor LeBlaque´s last post: The Stony Black Heart of the Fetid Swamp, Part 2

  9. If Tycho equates a link from Penny Arcade to the eye of Sauron, then I’d say that a link from us is roughly equivalent to the eye of Samwise Gamgee. He won’t leave you, Mr. Frodo, and he doesn’t mean to, but it sure ain’t no eye of freaking Sauron!

  10. The Half-Elf should be “Tough and Charismatic” instead of “Dextrous and Tough.”