Introducing: Skill Challenges Feature and Gato’s Critical Bits

As you know, we here at Critical Hits are not just content to sit on our laurels and keep the way the site operates the same. We’re always looking for new ways to bring benefits to you, our valued readers.

To that end, we have launched two new pieces of the website that we hope you find useful.

The first is a Features section in the header. Occasionally, we have content that is best served by being front and center on the site, instead of being in a post. Timeless articles that do well in being referenced often fall into this category. Our first Feature is a compilation of posts about Skill Challenges from across the RPG Bloggers Network and elsewhere, organized loosely by topic and how they can help you- whether you need help in understanding this mechanic, or if you’re just looking for examples to drop into your game. Please check it out, and let us know (either in the comments here, or via email) what you think. I’ll have a post upcoming about the best resources from the page, and my own spins on how to handle Skill Challenges.

The second is a new way of covering all those goings-on in the world of gaming news. Often, we come across news that is interesting, but we can’t quite find enough to put our own analysis enough to make a post. For all those things, we have taken over the Critical Hits twitter feed and enlisted our old friend Gato the News Robot to run it for us. If you are a twitter member, you can subscribe to that feed to get all that news, plus an update whenever we make a new post on Critical Hits. If you aren’t a Twitter member, you can read the latest news in our sidebar (currently located just above the RPG Bloggers Network logo). Additionally, Gato will automatically post all the updates from the week every Saturday in a post so you can easily review and comment on. The first one went up this morning as a test of the format, and as an example of what you’ll be seeing.

As I said before (but it bears repeating), we’d like to know what you think of these new additions, and what else you’d like to see. We’re especially interested in finding out what other Features you’d like to see.

About Dave

Dave "The Game" Chalker is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Critical Hits. Since 2005, he has been bringing readers game news and advice, as well as editing nearly everything published here. He is the designer of the Origins Award-winning Get Bit!, a freelance designer and developer, son of a science fiction author, and a Master of Arts. He lives in MD with e, their three dogs, and two cats.


  1. Nice work Dave! Glad to be listed in the bunch.

    jonathan´s last post: RPG Blog Anthology – MAJOR UPDATE

  2. This is 10 pounds of awesome crammed in a 5 pound bag!

    Thanks for the love guys.

    Donny_the_DM´s last post: How about some funny!?

  3. You guys deserve all the thanks for putting out great work on Skill Challenges. I just put some links together.

  4. Ever tried to sit on a laurel? Painful.

    Good stuff, folks!

    greywulf´s last post: A graphical representation of Rule of Cool

  5. Let me join the list of people to say thanks for the link love! If you get a chance, could you put a link to the Skill Challenge Request Line ? I’ll be taking more request with some help from Jonathan and Michael starting next week. I’ve already done three requests, and itching to take more!

    Thanks again!

    gamefiend´s last post: Why is Sigil so barebone in the Manual of the Planes? The List of D&D remakes.

  6. There’s an enlightening blog by Radiating Gnome on ENWorld dealing with this subject:

    This is a link to one of the challenges. You can navigate from there to the rest of the entries.

  7. Thanks for the updates, guys. They’ve been added.

    And please, do keep them coming. I only wish comments would open on that page to make it more direct.

  8. The replaced URL’s in the newsbits seem a little distracting to me. We really don’t even need to see the URL, but the fact that they are there, and don’t look like the URL’s I am expecting (i.e. not Wizards’ URL), confused me at first. Maybe just have the entire newsbit be a link? Or, have a ‘>’ after the headline that is the link?

    Just a suggestion.

    Avaril´s last post: My First 4e Experience (Or, comparing editions to Operating Systems)

  9. At Silent7Seven Games we have a freely available skill challenge that we certainly wouldn’t mind having added to your list, assuming you wanted it.

    Here’s our web page for the skill challenge The actual download link is at (it’s a free download), but it looks like RPGNow is temporarily down as of me posting this.